Detroit: Become Human – Director provides details on protagonists.

This week, Quantic Dream’s director provided some insight into the three main narratives Detroit: Become Human will see implemented. A recently released trailer focuses on these three characters. 

The director would specify a few details concerning the storyline in a piece posted on the PlayStation blog. He mentions having chosen three android characters purposefully, so as to steer away from typical fiction on the topic. The story rather focuses on humanities decline, which the director would label:

“Selfish, dependent on technology, concerned only with comfort. Opposed to this: a new, intelligent species that we created”

Choosing to tell the story through the eyes of three characters allows the player to experience different contexts, scenes and to discover a dystopic near-future in an enriching and thought-provoking manner. Like Quantic Dream’s past titles, expect intersecting story lines, where one character’s actions will come to affect the fate of another.



Three Stories, One Revolution

However, these three characters have widely different stories, and their evolving emotions will come to impact the narrative in different ways.

Connor or RK800 is a prototype created by CyberLife corp. His creators sought to have him assist human detectives in investigations which involve renegade androids and defection. A character modelled on intelligence and cold calculations, he represents a adherence to authority which is sure to erode.

Markus or Rk200 belongs to a renowned painter who desires to see him achieve a full potential. A rebellious soul, exposed to art and questions of self-determination will make for a fiery tale. Whether it ends in bloodshed or treaty will be his choice to make.

Kara or AX400 was the first android to receive much media coverage in promotional material. A housework model assigned to a now notorious Todd Williams, she will form strong bonds with the man’s daughter, Alice. When they both escape from his home, their ties are put to the test.

A Timely Tale

Detroit: Become Human is sure to be thought-provoking. The director confirmed that the plotline was ultimately rooted in his vision of the future. How would humanity react when the intelligence of created machines surpasses our own, how would the possibility of a consciousness affect our relationship with them?

One thing is certain, the game promises to be interesting, particularly because the three narratives being offered are so different. While Connor’s story focuses on questions of self-serving conformity, Kara’s asks the player to demonstrate empathy in the face of violence.

All three demand that the player answer: “How far would you go, to be free?

David Cage, Director’s interview:


Detroit: Become Human releases on May 25th exclusively on the PS4. 


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