Cities: Skylines – New Expansion Announced!

Paradox Interactive heard you like green spaces.

It’s official, Cities: Skylines is getting a fifth official expansion on May 24th. The content titled ‘Parklife’ will add park simulation to Paradox’s city manager. Is it worth getting excited about? Let’s find out!

DLC Features

Taking a step back from the atmospheric changes which past expansions have added to their game, Paradox hopes that Parklife will add a playful spin to cities. The expansion promises the ability to make your city more vibrant through:

  • A park area tool: The new tool will allow you to create park districts wherever you find empty land, as well as establish new city services such as “park maintenance”.
  • New city assets: Monetize your new parks with sightseeing bus lines, new service buildings and a ton of unique buildings linked to the parks. The expansion even includes a new monument in the form of “Lord Chirpwick’s Castle”!
  • Freeform park creation: The expansion will allow you to place buildings next to paths in the park districts, and not just next to roads! Time to let out that creative urge and make every square inch of your city a valuable one!
  • Changes to tourism: These include customized routes and ticket prize setting for sightseeing tours.
  • Policy changes: The Expansion will also add three new city policies and eight park policies to deal with recreational hazards. Handle complicated issues like animal ethics and firework hazards!

What kind of parks will you be able to create? Well, buckle up, because it ranges from attraction parks to nature reserves, city parks and zoos! (All the tycoon lifestyles are now kinda possible, still waiting on lemonade).

Parklife should help you plot out empty spots in your green cities, and give a new life to what often falls through the cracks of urban development. Interestingly, the expansion should affect both the macro and micro scale of your city. While players will be able to organize roller coasters and campsites for their citizens; they’ll also gain the ability to decorate on a smaller scale with fountains and flower beds. The rollercoaster park management doesn’t foreshadow actual competition for Planet Coaster, but it’s a nice touch.

With the addition of Parklife, Cities: Skylines has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to improving the base game. Paradox Interactive has a good thing going with Cities: Skylines, it makes sense that they’ll look to keep it alive.

Cities: Skylines – Parklife releases May 24, 2018, on PC. 


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