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CD Projekt Red Announces Gwent Makeover

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s notorious card game Gwent was one of the best mini games created. But developers may not have played their best hand at the spinoff.

Originally intended as an easy and simple side game when the player was tired of slaying monster and advancing the main plot, Gwent turned out to be engaging, just challenging enough and the ability to collect and build your own deck was fun and exciting, just like real-life collectible card games (or CCG). When CD Projekt announced a Gwent standalone for PC and consoles, fans were delighted.

However, that version was strikingly different from its in-game counterpart. The question is if that version was as polished and fun as the original and based on the developers’ open letter earlier this week, no. They stated that their spinoff had “slowly drifted away from our original vision of standalone Gwent.” Marcin Iwiński and his development team now offers us Gwent Homecoming.

This version aims to take every positive aspect of the game and dispose of the bad. In the span of six months of development, they will release two updates. The first one this month will introduce the missing Premium cards and faction specific board skins. The second one in May will suggest a new approach to “Create”.

At the conclusion of Homecoming, they will go out of beta and release “Thronebreaker”, a new single-player campaign. Other substantial changes involve turning Gwent into a battlefield, upgrading the board, fixing the coin mechanic, improving player progression, focusing on skill and player agency and re-focusing on core gamers. CD Projekt also wishes to revamp the aesthetic of the game, making it dark and intense just like the Witcher saga.

From their letter, they seem dedicated and passionate about turning Gwent into the best experience possible. The fact that they listened and acted on fan criticism shows great humility and capacity for improvement, two rare but essential qualities in the video games industry today.

What do you think about the overhaul? Will you be game to play?


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