Demon’s Souls servers set to be taken down today.

As the Dark Souls Remaster approaches, it's predecessor goes to the grave.

Though the Dark Souls remaster is garnering much attention from the gaming community, a grim reminder must be provided. Atlus’ Demon’s Souls, the spiritual predecessor to Miyazaki’s Dark Souls series has lost its online server support today.  February 28th marks the last day of support for its online servers. 

It should not come as any surprise to fans, but the official Dark Souls twitter announced in 2017 that February 28th would be the last day on which the servers would be kept up.

It’s nice to see that the humour in a server’s “death” is not lost on FromSoftware.

This server shut-down will affect all elements of multiplayer gameplay in Demon’s souls, most notably the cooperative capabilities and invasions mechanics. Further, messages will no longer be available, as will blood traces and rankings.

The North American servers were originally scheduled to be shut off on October 11, 2011, and then in May 2012. However, a few days prior to the server shut down, Atlus made another announcement saying that the shutdown was delayed once more. In 2017, it was announced that the game’s matchmaking servers would be shut down worldwide on 28 February 2018

Indeed, @DarkSoulsGame has confirmed today that the game’s servers are going down.



The Birth of SoulsBorne


Demon’s Souls had a large role to play in establishing the hardcore action RPG genre. The implicit storytelling it focused on would gain notoriety through subsequent FromSoftware titles. However, Demon’s Souls should also be remembered for:

  1. Establishing Blight town before it became Blight town. IE: An area full of poison where all you can do is swear at your inability to see anything or go anywhere.
  2. Having a final boss who embodies desolation and weakness before King Lothric from DS2.
  3. Walking into a room to see a dozen blood pools.  Subsequently considering the terrible mistakes you’ve made which have led you here.
  4. Having a guardian demon who determines whether or not you need to “git gud”.
  5. Dragon’s who set bridges ablaze (over, and over again).

It is time to recognize how many set pieces and themes were established by this predecessor; particularly as they are honoured in Miyazaki’s later work.

Don’t forget to fear the pickaxe and the Maiden in black.


Demon’s Souls is available now exclusively for the PS3. 


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