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The Montreal Pokemon League Announce Their 2015 Champion of Champions Tournament

Throughout the year, The Montreal Pokemon League named quite a few champions following the defeat of their in-house Elite 4 and Champion.

Today, the Montreal Pokemon League announced via one of their threads that they will be holding a Champion of Champions tournament on January 23rd, 2016, at the Three Kings Loot.

“Our choice for Three Kings Loot comes from two different angles,” said Montreal Pokemon League Head Administrator Sean ‘Pyrulen’ Rajjab. “First we wanted to support a growing game store that supports both the video game and trading card game communities. Secondly, it is our hope and goal to have a centralized location in downtown Montreal for players of the TCG to unite and play together for official, sanctioned events, on top of our existing VG events. We are very pleased with the accessibility, cleanliness and staff of the store, and want to share this with our fans.”


In order to participate in this special tournament, you must have the title of Champion. To achieve such as rank, you must have defeated the Montreal Pokemon League’s Elite 4 and Champion, which can only be done once you have acquired at least eight badges from their Gym Leaders. At the moment, there are 17 crowned champions, but this event should decide which one out of the lot is the best of the best. Naturally, the winner will be ranked as the Champion of Champions; he/she will also be awarded a magnificent trophy. Besides the trophy, there are a few advantages of reaching the top.

The winner of the Champion of Champions Tournament will be awarded with a trophy to mark their achievement, as well as a special mention on our website, for additional bragging rights,” explains Rajjab. “Since we launched our Victory Road, many challengers have managed to climb to the top and defeat our Elite 4 and Champion, but only the CoC’s winner will be able to declare that he/she stands above them all as the greatest Champion 2015 had to offer,” added Montreal Pokemon League Event Coordinator Myles ‘Tails’ Sachin.



Unlike any other challenges, The Montreal Pokemon League announced that the tournament format will be unique; there are two major rules to take note of. First and foremost, the tournament will consist of rounds of Single Battles, Double Battles, Triple Battles, and Rotation Battles, each round being decided by a draw or roll of a dice. Secondly, each players have to unveil beforehand their list of six Pokemon species they will use throughout the tournament. However, players can have as many variations of the same Pokemon species as they desire. For example, while their list consists of six different species, they can have variations of their Pokemon with different move sets, Natures, IVs, items and etc. However, they can only switch variations after a round, as the format changes. That being said, a heavy Special Attack “sweeper” Gengar, for example, can easily become a reliable wall or stall on the next round, so beware!

It is important to mention that while Champions are the only ones who qualify for the Champion of Champions tournament held on the 23rd, the Montreal Pokemon League also announced that prior to this important event, on January 17th, 2016, players who qualify to challenge the Elite 4 can head over to Nexus Smartbar from 10am to 8pm. Check out the official Facebook event page here.

It is important to mention that in order to participate to the Champion of Champions tournament, players are asked to pay a 10$ entry fee, and must bring their own 3DS with a copy of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire – X and Y versions will not be accepted.

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For more information about the tournament, please visit the Montreal Pokemon League’s official thread here or the Facebook post.

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