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Nintendo Preparing to Launch Smartphone App for 3DS

Nintendo of Japan is pleased to announce that it has made it possible to tether for your 3DS at any time. Do you mean my 3DS will never be disconnected again? That's the plan.

To help those who wish to keep their 3DS systems connected at all times, Nintendo, in association with DoCoMo, has developped a smartphone app which allows simple tethering for 3DS. This app is set to release in Japan on May 15th. In other words, tomorrow, japanese 3DS owners will be able to test out the tethering themselves, if they have the right tablet and phone.

Available on Google Play only, users will simply downloading and it will use the phone's tethering only and that's it. It's a simple application with an easy setup. For now, this application only work with the following devices starting these dates:


GALAXY S5 SC-04F: May 15, 2014 (Thursday) Release
Xperia Z2 SO-03F: May 21, 2014 (Wed) Release
AQUOS ZETA SH-04F: May 23, 2014 (Friday) will be released
ARROWS NX F-05F: Will be released in late May 2014
Xperia A2 SO-04F: To be released in mid-June 2014


AQUOS PAD SH-06F: To be released in mid-June 2014
Xperia Z2 Tablet SO-05F: Will be released in late June 2014

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