Little Nightmares Complete Edition coming to Nintendo Switch

A spooky and enchanting tale is coming to Nintendo's console.

If you haven’t already played Little Nightmares, you’re missing out, but should also count yourself lucky. Six’s story is an entrancing one, but players shouldn’t be fooled by the game’s cute aesthetic. Tarsier Studio’s tale has a psychedelic and disturbing heart. The stealth-platformer plays out like a nightmare, which gradually spirals out of control. You’ll be left with a lot of questions, and figuring out the answers won’t make you feel any better.

The way in which Little Nightmares story is told only makes the Complete Edition all the more necessary. The DLC are directly linked to the main story, which clocks in at a rather short 4-5 hours. If you’ve only played the base game, it’s definitely worth picking up a CE on an available console.

Handheld Fright

Alternatively, owners of a Nintendo Switch will soon be able to discover the mysterious universe of Six. An upcoming release of LITTLE NIGHTMARES™ Complete Edition on 18th May, 2018 has just been confirmed. The game is hand-tailored for the Nintendo Switch with a 720p resolution and 30FPS in both handheld and TV formats, providing a native 720p on the latter. The system will also add HD Rumble possibilities to the base game for maximum fright.

The LITTLE NIGHTMARES™ Complete Edition will also come packed with pre-order bonus’ such as the Upside-Down Teapot and Scarecrow Mask. As mentioned above, the additional stories from The Secret of the Maw Expansion Pass are included. These separated stories will be playable with different save data for Six and the Kid.

Exclusively to the Nintendo Switch, players will be able to equip an exclusive Pakku mask which becomes available once the Pac-Man amiibo™ is scanned. As if Little Nightmares wasn’t unsettling enough as is.

LITTLE NIGHTMARES™ Complete Edition is available now on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PC and will be released 18th May on Nintendo Switch. 


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