NBA 2K18 Microtransaction

2K Games Loses 3-Point Shot With NBA 2K18 Microtransactions

NBA 2K18 just came out and as it turns out, the reception isn’t positive, especially due to the Microtransactions added to the game.

NBA 2K18 has received some interesting improvements in terms of gameplay and visuals. The looks better and feels better. If watching developer conferences have thought me anything, is that the game has to be solid from A to Z. A major element flaw can cause an uproar in the gaming community and with fans of the series. This is exactly what happened with NBA 2K18.

For some reason, Microtransactions were pushed in this new sports title and the result created nothing but a bloody mess. On Reddit, the masses are all up renting about the Hair Style customization. A little element overall, but a massive one when it comes to creating your character. Here is the issue.

First and foremost, you can’t preview a hairstyle on a character before you purchase it. That is already bad and poor design. On top of that, purchasing a hairstyle makes the previous one unavailable. Which ultimately means that EVERY TIME you change your hairstyle, you must purchase it with in-game currency. You only start the game with 6,000 VC and a player rating of 60. Spending the entire amount towards stats for your character bumps you up to 62. For a full game experience, you should reach 86. This cost a little less than 1M VC…which would cost you around $160 if you don’t plan on grinding.

NBA 2K18 Microtransaction

Speaking of grinding, a Reddit user did some calculations and came up with some interesting points:

  • “You will need about 240 NBA games to get to 86 overall and that’s if you get A+ every game, C grade is about 360 games and B about 300”
  • “You can’t preview haircuts”
  • “Haircuts cost money even tho they were free in previous games”
  • “Filters resets in My Team Auction House every time to make sniping almost impossible and to make people buy VC”
  • “No bonus for playing on high difficulty in My Career.”
  • “Pro (lowest difficulty) is completely broken and some people (including me) can’t make a layup or a shot to save our life, is 2K trying to make us buy VC to upgrade our players?”
  • “You can’t preview your ratings before you upgrade your player”

From the looks of it, it appears purchasing extra VC puts you in a better position to enjoy the game, something that is completely out of the question if you ask me. Games nowadays might come with DLC, but this is pushing it way too far. I understand to a certain limit that you may need in-game currency to customize certain aspects of your avatar. That is fine, but to make it so that the items don’t permanently unlock after purchasing them is beyond ridiculous. Another mistake that reminded me of Dead Space!


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Yo getting your player to 85 is about 200,000 vc don’t be throwing number out like a mil if you don’t know brother. Yea it takes awhile and ye its cheap by them but it ain’t as bad as you say lol