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E3 2017 Features

PlayStation E3 2017 – A Special IMGMR Coverage

Another year means another Sony PlayStation Conference 2017 to watch and enjoy. This year is going to be quite exciting!

The PlayStation 4 has been doing very well this console generation and it is time for Sony to present the games and products that will keep it at the top. It is time to see if Sony has what it takes to prove that Project Scorpio is no threat to the PlayStation name. Stay tuned for what’s coming from the Japanese giant.

PlayStation E3 Experience - Une couverture spéciale IMGMR Franco sur la conférence PlayStation E3 2017

PlayStation E3 2017 – Timings, Games & Live Stream

Where: A location shared with the attendees

When: Monday June 12th 2017 starting at 6:00PM local time (9:00PM EST)

Expected Games & Announcements: This year, things have still remained quite secretive so we are about to find out what’s in store. here is what we think  will be there:

  • Detroid: Become Human
  • The Last of Us 2
  • Death Stranding
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • Days Gone
  • God of War PS4
  • Spiderman (Insomniac Games)

Where to Watch: As usual, you can find the stream on official channels on Twitch and YouTube. You can also watch the conference right here.


PlayStation E3 2017 – Live Announcements

PlayStation E3 2017 News

  • Uncharted: Lost Legacy is what is starting the PlayStation Conference.
  • A new DLC package is coming for Horizon: Zero Dawn called The Frozen Wilds and it is coming in Spring 2018.
  • Dayz Gone comes next with some gameplay footage. In this footage we see a rather stealthy segment where traps can be set up and of course, he trademark hordes of mindless zombies.
  • A New monster Hunter game has been revealed for the PlayStation 4. This game is a lot more realistic and detailed then ever before. The game is called Monster Hunter World and it is coming in early 2018. New features like a grappling hook has been added.
  • Shadow of the Colossus has been confirmed for Early 2018.
  • Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite has taken the stage with a brand cinematic trailer confirming many of the leaked characters. Zero also makes a comeback which was not part of the leaked roster. The game is coming on September 19th 2017.
  • Call of Duty WW2 takes the stage with a new trailer. The game will release on November 3rd 2017.
  • During the VR segment of the conference, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR has been confirmed among other games. Star Child was also revealed. Also, The Inpatient, Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV, Bravo Team, Polyarc and Moss have been revealed.
  • God of War is back on-stage with some new footage. This game will develop the relationship between Kratos and his son as they escape the Gods of Asgard. Coming Early 2018.
  • Detroit: Become Human is back as well with some real footage to show off more of its very human-like androirds.
  • Destiny 2 entered the big screen with a release date on September 6th with a bunch of DLC coming and there is exclusive content coming to the PlayStation only.
  • Spider-Man slings his way onto the conference with a first look of its gameplay footage. The game looks fluid and smooth. Combos and the many actions Spider-Man can take as very well-designed. At the end of the conference, we saw Myles Morales as well.
E3 2017 FeaturesPS4 Features

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