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Steam Siege Deck Profile: Talon Flame The Mighty Fire

When building fire-type decks, something common often turns up – you might have to deal with Pokémon cards that deal high damage at the cost of discarding Energy. In Steam Siege, such cards have been featured, including the new Talonflame Break, which deals massive damage, but you have to discard all of the Fire Energy attached to it.

The cost of his attack isn’t high, but something more interesting is how fast you can get ready for battle. After analyzing some of the new cards that will be available in the latest expansion, Steam Siege, I was able to construct a strong fire-type deck that will have your opponent shake in his boots.

talonflame break tcg

Pokémon – 14

  • 1x Fletchling (Generations)
  • 2x Fletchling (XY Base)
  • 2x Fletchinder (Phantom Force)
  • 4x Talonflame (Steam Siege)
  • 3x Talonflame Break (Steam Siege)
  • 2x Volcanion-EX (Steam Siege)


Energy – 16

  • 4x Special Burning
  • 12x Basic Fire


Trainers – 30

  • 4x Blacksmith
  • 4x Scorched Earth
  • 4x Ultra Ball
  • 3x Rare Candy
  • 2x VS Seeker
  • 2x Professor Sycamore
  • 2x Wally
  • 2x Super Rod
  • 2x Fisherman
  • 1x Lysandre
  • 1x Fiery Torch
  • 1x N
  • 1x Karen
  • 1x Special Charge

Talonflame tcg

What makes this deck unique isn’t the fact that you can Break Talonflame and deal massive damage, but that you can set up Talonflame just as you would have any basic Pokémon, as long as you are still in the match setup phase. You might not pull Talonflame first turn, but the fact that there are four of increases the chances of having it right off the bat. If you don’t pull it form the get go – you might either have a Volcanion-EX or a Fletchling – the deck provides you with enough pull power to search for what you need and have Talonflame and Talonflame Break ready. Make sure you use those Rare Candy and Wally efficiently!

As a support, Volcanion-EX is there to provide your team with that extra fire power. At the cost of a Fire Energy, you can increase the damage dealt by Talonflame Break tenfold. In the best case scenario, Talonflame will dish out a massive 210 damage. Of course, each time he attacks it will cost him to discard all of the Energy attached to it – this is when Burning Energy comes in handy, Talonflame fits the requirements to continuously recycle de Energy after his attacks.

If you look at the deck list, you will notice some important staple cards, such as Karen, N and Fisherman. Since fire-type decks burn a lot of Energy, it is important to have a way to recycle, hence why Fisherman is there. As for Karen, she will ensure that you don’t fall behind against pesky decks like Night March. Additionally, she will also provide you with a way to send Volcanion-EX from the discard pile to the deck, giving you a chance to bench him once again.


More isn’t necessarily better!

Initially, the idea was to put more Volcanion-EX in the deck to provide more support and allow Fletchling and Fletchinder to deal tremendous amounts of damage. However, putting too many of that card would hinder the deck by switching its focus away from Talonflame. In a way, focusing on Volcanion and having Talonflame act as a burst and draw engine can work, but at the cost of the deck’s overall speed.

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  • Leo Pacas
    5 August 2016 at 4:58 am
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    Volcanion EX only helps basic pokemon tho it wont help talonflame, perhaps switch them with the regular volcanion?

    • Trenton
      6 August 2016 at 9:32 pm
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      I am going to try a bat line to hit for either 170 or 180 for an ex knockout

  • Xizor
    8 August 2016 at 12:24 am
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    what set does karen come from? i cant find that card anywhere

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