Xerneas by Houndourka
Xerneas by Houndourka
Pokémon 20th

Pokemon TCG: Xerneas BREAK Meets Gardevoir-EX 2.0

Fairy decks are elegant, cute, and very strong. This Xerneas BREAK and Gardevoir-EX combo definitely seduces a player to death.

Originally profiled by our self-proclaimed Fairy Trainer Lydia, her Fairy deck is a force to be reckoned with. Although the list below isn’t her official and competitive deck, this one is a fun alternative that proves just how powerful the type can be. I for one lost against her competitive deck and must admit that this one, is pretty close to the real deal.

With certain expansions rotating out from the meta and the format, essentials like Aromatisse (from the XY Base Set), were necessary. Being able to move around Energy cards from one Pokemon to another was an amazing ability. Unfortunately, it was removed – it is only used in the Expanded Format.

Xerneas Break

Pokemon – 15

  • 1x Shaymin-EX (Roaring Skies)
  • 2x Cottonee
  • 2x Whimsicott (Ancient Origins)
  • 3x Gardevoir-EX (Steam Siege)
  • 2x Mega Gardevoir-EX (Primal Clash)
  • 1x Mr. Mime (Breakthrough)
  • 2x Xerneas BREAK (Steam Siege)
  • 3x Xerneas (Steam Siege)


Energy – 16

  • 9x Basic Fairy
  • 2x Wonder Energy
  • 4x Double Colorless


Trainers – 29

  • 1x Professor Sycamore
  • 2x Pokémon Fan Club
  • 1x Fairy Drop
  • 2x Lysandre
  • 2x Super Rod
  • 2x Professor Sycamore
  • 2x Ultra Ball
  • 1x Special Charge
  • 1x Wally
  • 4x Max Elixir
  • 3x Fairy Garden
  • 2x Professor Birch’s Observations
  • 2x VS Seeker
  • 2x Level Ball
  • 2x Gardevoir Spirit Link

Mega Gardevoir-EX

This deck’s mechanic is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is charge all of your Pokemon with as much energy as possible and then attack. While Mega Gardevoir-EX deals 30 damage for each Fairy Energy attached to your Pokemon, Xerneas BREAK does 20 times each energy. Attacks as such are great for late game decks and that is exactly what this one is.

Ideally, the goal is to have Xerneas as an active as soon as possible. For the bench, Gardevoir-EX, Cottonee and Mr. Mime must be backing up as fast as you can set them up. Every turn Xerneas attack using the single energy requirement, she charges two Pokemon on your bench with Fairy Energy. Gardevoir-EX and Cottonee should be the ones getting charged up.

Getting Mr. Mime on the bench ensures that you have a good protection. His effect is to prevent bench damage from opponent’s attacks. This gives you enough time to push the game to a late stage.

As for the Trainers and the Items, it is crucial to pull those Max Elixir. In combination with Xerneas’ attack, it will allow you to charge your benched Pokemon a lot faster. Fairy Garden is also a great addition to the deck since it prevents you from paying any retreat cost!


Whimsicott MVP

The deck is strong and has amazing potential on its own. You can switch your Pokemon in and out, charge them super-fast, and protect your bench. However, listed in the deck is Whimsicott, and there is a good reason for that. Basically, in this Fairy composition, she is the MVP.

Whimsicott is capable of transferring all of the damage taken from a benched Pokemon to the opponent’s active Pokemon. In short, when, for example, Xerneas BREAK took enough damage, you switch her out with Whimsicott and damage the enemy while cleansing Xerneas BREAK from her damage. Not only might you K.O. an opponent’s Pokemon, but you will also heal one of your own.

At the end of the day, the longer the match lasts, the more you increase your changes of winning.

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