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Pokémon TCG: How to use Battle Compressor

When creating deck profiles, I keep in mind that draw power and quick setup are key elements in making a deck – you need synergy within all of your cards as well, that is a given.

In one of my decks, the Alakazam-EX one, someone asked me what Battle Compressor was for. I knew what it was for, but this made me realize that there are so many applications possible with this card – there are tons of strategy you can work on, mostly situational. I have decided to take a minute and explain how Battle Compressor works, how it can be used, and how really powerful it can be when building a deck.



“Search your deck for up to 3 cards and discard them. Shuffle your deck afterward.”

The effect is pretty clear and easy to comprehend – you take your deck, choose up to a maximum of three cards from the deck and destroy them. Although the effect seems harmless and costly, here is how it can be used to turn the tide in a match.


Draw Need % Up

In a TCG match, each player is allowed to have 60 cards in their deck. From the get go, if there are no mulligans, six of them are used as prizes and seven are drawn to the hand. The deck’s card count drops from 60 to 47 instantly – The chance of you pulling a card that you need, are the following:

If there are 1 copies of the card = 1 out of 47

If there are 2 copies of the card = 2 out of 47

If there are 3 copies of the card = 3 out of 47

If there are 4 copies of the card = 4 out of 47

That being said, the less cards there are in your deck, the higher are your chances of pulling what you need. If you have Battel Compressor, you can destroy three cards you won’t need, or will acquire using another method. This drops the count by four each time you fully use Battle Compressor. Using four Battle Compressor (each one discards three cards) in a single turn drops the deck count by 16; you now have 30 cards left – a card was drawn at the beginning of the turn.

Not all decks can profit from doing that, but it can be useful a little later when your turn draw becomes important.


I Need Pokémon in the Discard Pile

Battle Compressor allows you to discard any card you wish, so long that it comes from the deck. In certain decks, certain Pokémon become a lot more powerful when having more Pokémon in the discard pile. For example, Night March decks, as well as decks that utilize Vespiquen become more powerful that way. Their strategy relies on sending them to the discard zone as fast as possible, mainly using the effect of Battle Compressor. To make this effect more efficient and faster – it is more competitive that way – you can always use Trainer’s Mail.


VS Seeker Optimizer

Going back to the basics of building a deck, it is important to have good Supporter cards to back you up in case you need them. For that reason, running a couple of VS Seeker is highly recommended. Now how can that make Battle Compressor an important asset? If you have the right cards in your hand, you can use Battle Compressor to destroy the Supporter you need, from your deck, and right after use VS Seeker to draw it out from the discard pile so you can play it.

A chain of events would be something like this:

  • Use Battle Compressor to discard Lysandre and two other cards if necessary
  • Use VS Seeker to put Lysandre from the discard pile to your hand
  • Play Lysandre to switch out your opponents active Pokémon with a benched of your choice
  • Knock out the new active Pokémon
  • Collect your prize(s)

It is an easy combo to perform that can easily surprise your opponent.


Archie & Maxie Stronger Than Ever

Using the same strategy as the one used with VS Seeker, Battle Compressor can allow you to destroy a Pokémon of your choice so you can later use Archie’s Ace in the Hole or Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick. Those two cards are difficult to use, but if you are running a deck that utilizes a low amount of Supporters, it can be done – you can have your strongest card on the field really quickly that way.


Fisherman’s Galore

Again, Battle Compressor can be used to discard any cards you need. A good way to recycle your Energy would be to use the card to send Energy to the discard pile and getting them to your hand using Fisherman. It is a great way to pull three to four Energy quickly.


There are many ways you can use Battle Compressor to turn the tide, but the best way is definitely using the VS Seeker strategy. This method will permit you to have less copies of Supporter cards – instead you will have a larger variety. Too much Supporter cards is counter-productive, but have different effects to cater to different situations can definitely give you an edge.

Is there any other way you have use Battle Compressor to turn the game into your advantage?

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