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Pokemon TCG: Best Staple Items to Put in XY Standard Decks

Building decks around your favorite Pokémon is fun and all – building strong competitive decks is as interesting. In both cases, it is important to take careful consideration of the support cards you put in. Whether they are creatures, Supporters or even Items, they can drastically change the flow of a battle and put you in a winning or losing position in the blink of an eye.

In most card games, if not all of them, there are cards that we like to call “staple”. This term means that they can fit in most decks and be of serious use regardless the type of deck you are playing. That being said, the list of staple cards in the Pokémon TCG game is huge. I am here to give you my input on the best ones that you should always consider adding to your deck.


VS Seeker

vs seeker gold

VS Seeker is without any doubt one of the strongest item card in the entire game. It allows you to search for any Supporter from your discard pile and add it to your hand. Played in combination with Battle Compressor can grant you a massive edge over your opponent – you can literally destroy the Supporter cards you need, add it to your hand using VS Seeker and use it on the same turn. This is a deadly combination.

It is important to take in consideration that a player can always have up to four VS Seeker in their deck. Although it is unlikely to put as much – most player limit themselves to three – four isn’t impossible. Try to keep your momentum by anticipating the next move and carefully use your own; don’t rush.


Trainer’s Mail

trainer mail gold

Possibly one of my favorite card of the moment, Trainer’s Mail is a powerful Item that allows you to look at the top four cards from your deck. From those cards, you can reveal and put in your hand any Trainer card (except for Trainer’s Mail). This can be very useful for searching cards, which gives you a great momentum. Playing four of these doesn’t really hinder your deck – it makes your deck faster.

Used carefully, Trainer’s Mail can make you draw out important cards from our deck. For example, if you run a water deck with Dive Balls, it will be a lot easier to search out the balls using this item. Another good example is with Night March, whereas you can get an early lead by searching for Battle Compressor. I highly recommend playing four Trainer’s Mail, especially if you run over 20 Trainer cards.



Max Elixir

max elixir tcg

Getting your Pokémon ready for battle as soon as possible is an important thing in the game. Sometimes, you might have trouble setting up Energy on your benched team, but thanks to Max Elixir, you can set up a basic Energy from your deck to your bench (if there is an Energy in the top seven cards of your deck). Max Elixir can be easily drawn out using cards such as Lapras and Trainer’s Mail for example.

I usually recommend playing four of these, but if you run a couple of Professor’s Letter, you could lower the number down to two or three.


Ultra Ball

ultra ball

Searching for Pokémon is pretty easy in standard – there are loads of XY cards that can support you and help you draw them out, such as Level Ball, Ultra Ball, Pokémon Fan Club, Hoopa-EX are just a few of the many. However, Ultra Ball is different and there is a reason why I picked it as a staple.

Not only does Ultra Ball allow you to search for any Pokémon of your choice from your deck, but it requires you discard two cards from your hand to do so. This can be useful at some point in a match when you need to get rid of extra cards hindering your hand. I usually use it when I have a Fisherman ready – I use Ultra Ball to search for a useful card and send two Energy as cost. Then I use Fisherman to bring back up to four Energy from the discard pile. I play a Greninja Sniper deck, so this type of recycling is very useful in this case.


Super Rod

super rod

In Pokémon TCG, recycling Energy and creatures is important, especially when you find yourself in a binding situation. Of course you can use cards like Revive and Sacred Ash, but nothing beats the effect of Super Rod. Being an Item, you can use Super Rod anytime as long as you are not being locked. The card allows you to recycle a combination of three cards (basic Energy and Pokémon) by sending them from your discard pile to your deck. Of course, you shuffle your deck afterwards.

Super Rob works well late game, when you are out of resources. For that reason, it is preferable that you don’t run more than two. A good alternative would be to play Sacred Ash and Fisherman, but Super Rod is, in my opinion, better because it adds cards to your deck. Super Rod can help you stay in the game for a couple of extra turns (if you were about to deck out).


Item cards in general are important because they grant you that momentum you need in order to gain an advantage. Of course, there are many other cards I could have put into the list, but I felt as though these five were the best ones and cater to most deck types.

If you have any suggestions of Item cards that should be deemed as staple, feel free to comment in the section below!

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