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Pokemon TCG: Best Stadiums to Put in XY Standard Decks

Building decks around your favorite Pokémon is fun and all – building strong competitive decks is as interesting. In both cases, it is important to take careful consideration of the support cards you put in. Whether they are creatures, Supporters or even Items, they can drastically change the flow of a battle and put you in a winning or losing position in the blink of an eye.

This never gets old!

When it comes down to Stadiums, only a few type of decks can actually run them properly. However, there effects are so strong that they deserve to be considered most of the time. Even with the newly introduced Delinquent, a Supporter that discards any Stadium in play and three cards from your opponent’s hand, these Stadiums can give you quite an edge in a match, even if it is only for a single turn!


Champions Festival

champions festival

“Once during each player’s turn, if that player has 6 Pokémon in play, he or she may heal 10 damage from each of his or her Pokémon.”

This is a great effect when running decks that fill up your bench. All you have to do is have a bench with five Pokémon, set up Champions Festival, and heal your entire team. There are a few decks out there that rely on heals to deal more damage, so this is a great addition to those decks. It is also useful when running cards that damage your own bench.


Scorched Earth

scorched earth

“Once during each player’s turn, that player may discard a [FIRE] or [FIGHTING] Energy card from his or her hand. If that player does so, he or she draws 2 cards.”

Scorched Earth is without a doubt one of the best cards to have if you are looking for draw power. While water decks have the option to run Octillery, fire and fighting (ground) decks can use Scorched Earth as a consistent way to draw two extra cards. Of course there is a cost, but most of the time, you can combo this stadium with Blacksmith, a card that searches for two [FIRE] Energy from the discard pile and attaches it to any of your Fire Pokémon in play.

It is a dangerous card to play, especially when playing against other decks that can profit from this effect.


Rough Seas

rough seas

“Once during each player’s turn, that player may heal 30 damage from each of his or her [WATER] Pokémon and [LIGHTNING] Pokémon.”

This is yet another card to be considered as a double-edged sword. Rough Seas’ effect heals 30 damage from both water and lightning-type Pokémon, which is without a doubt super strong for a heal – it heals all in play, not just the active. Played with Delinquent, it can be used to heal twice the amount, thus saving your creatures. Although it is a type-specific Stadium effect, it is still stronger than most of the other Stadium cards out there.


Dimension Valley

dimension valley

“Each [PSYCHIC] Pokémon’s attacks (both yours and your opponent’s) cost [COLORLESS ENERGY] less.”

Dimension Valley is yet another type-specific Stadium, but when you look at the effect it grants, it is a lot stronger than any draw power or heal. Basically, it gives your Psychic Pokémon a turn less to prepare for an attack. For example, Deoxys; this mythical Pokémon requires a colorless Energy to use its first attack, and an extra Psychic for the second. If Dimension Valley is on the field, his first attack would be free, and his second would only cost an Energy. Considering the damage that is can deal, it makes this Stadium a dangerous asset.

Of course, the effect is as effective early to late game. Dimension Valley can be used in 99% of the Psychic-themed decks.


Fairy Garden

fairy garden

“Each Pokémon that has any [FAIRY] Energy attached to it (both yours and your opponent’s) has no Retreat Cost.”

In Pokémon TCG, there are certain mechanics that, when exploited properly, can give you an advantage over your opponent. Draw power, and constant heals are some of them, but there is another one that helps out a lot as well: Free Retreat Cost. Retreating a Pokémon for free is a true blessing, only a few cards can do it on their own (Greninja, Gengar, etc). However, thanks to Fairy Garden, any Pokémon that has a Fairy Energy attached dis granted free Retreat Cost. Since in theory you can run Fairy Energy in any deck, Fairy Garden can be used with virtually any card.


We have tackled Tools, Items and now Stadiums…stay tuned as I give you my impressions on the best Supporters to have around!

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