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Pokemon Evolutions TCG: Beedrill Swarms & Stings

Beedrill EX and Mega Beedrill might be a threat, but where is the love for regular Beedrill?

As it turns out, the Mew EX reprint is a very good addition to the Beedrill Evolutions deck. With Grass Pokemon stealing the show, it all comes down to who can build the fastest, most reliable, and strongest Grass-Type deck. This one is a good balance between the three, not to mention that it is low-cost (with the exception of Shaymin EX).

Beedrill TCG

Pokemon – 18

  • 4x Mew EX (Promo Reprint)
  • 4x Weedle (Evolutions)
  • 4x Kakuna (Evolutions)
  • 4x Beedrill (Evolutions)
  • 2x Shaymin EX (Roaring Skies)


Energy – 10

  • 4x Special Rainbow Energy
  • 6x Basic Grass


Trainers – 32

  • 4x Level Ball
  • 4x Ultra Ball
  • 4x Vs Seeker
  • 4x Trainer’s Mail
  • 4x Forest of Giant Plants
  • 2x Revitalizer
  • 1x Brook’s Grit
  • 2x Lysandre
  • 2x Professor Sycamore
  • 1x Hex Maniac
  • 1x Skyla
  • 2x N
  • 1x Teammates

Mew EX

In this deck, Beedrill runs the entire show; all depends on him. The goal is to have all of your Beedrill set up on the bench as soon as possible. Once that is done, Mew EX comes in and maximizes on the attack. With 40x the number of Beedrill on the bench, it isn’t difficult to hit constant 120 – the maximum in this case being 160 (if all four of them are on the bench).

Thanks to Shaymin EX and the Balls (Level and Ultra), going through the deck and setting up isn’t a burden task. Also, if you can’t get your hands on Mew EX early on, Beedrill alone can ship interesting damage. Not to mention that he has a free retreat cost!


Why the Rainbows?

Rainbow energy have been added in this case to allow Mew EX the ability to attack using other moves. If, for example, you have a potential for more damage thanks to an opponent’s Pokemon, those will provide you with the necessary energy you need.


Shaymin EX Is Too Expansive

Shaymin EX is quite a card to get now, if you don’t already have some. A good way to replace them would be to remove them, two other Grass Energy, and add two extra Professor Sycamore, and two Random Receiver.

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