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Pokémon Deck Profile: Haxorus & Garchomp Invite You To The Dragon’s Den

Watch as not one, but two Dragon Pokémon join forces to deal quick and devastating early game damage. EX got nothing on those two!

Welcome to our first Dragon-themed deck profile. Well, I say Dragon, but literally half our Pokémon are technically Dragon types. In this very aggressive and peculiar deck profile, we will take a look at how two normal two-stage evolution Pokémon be a terrifying force very early on. The key word here is no doubt aggression; early and pressuring aggression. There are many cards that search for everything you need to evolve and fight. The best part is that both of your Pokémon are very low maintenance for their damage.

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Pokémon – 14:

3x Axew

1x Fraxure

3x Haxorus

3x Gible

1x Gabite

3x Garchomp

Energy – 15:

4x Double Dragon Energy

5x Fighting Energy

2x Steel Energy

4x Strong Energy

Trainers – 31:

4x Rare Candy

2x Heavy Ball

3x Tierno

1x Muscle Band

2x Level Ball

1x Professor’s Letter

4x Korrina

2x Lysandre

1x Focus Sash

3x Training Center

3x Switch

2x Bursting Balloon

3x Trainer’s Mail



Setting up is a lot easier than most would think. No matter the starting Pokémon, Axew or Gible, your goal is to evolve your Active on turn 2. There so many cards that help you search as well as draw your target cards or search cards. Of course, this includes Korrina, who gets you Garchomp and a Rare Candy or any other item you may need at the time. Heavy Ball fetches Haxorus while Level Ball nets you any Basic Pokémon or even one of the Stage 1 Pokémon.

Professor’s Letter allows you to instantly have the energy needed to prepare one Pokémon even if you have zero energy cards to begin with. Garchomp can start dishing out damage with a single Fighting Energy and Haxorus can begin Dragon Dance and attack with Sharp Fang; dealing a whopping 160 damage starting Turn 3. Of course, the special energies only make the situation even better for both Garchomp and Haxorus. The former deals extra damage with the power of Strong Energy while the latter becomes an instant threat with Dragon Pulse.

Choose to Slice or Bite:

Since both attackers are quick to setup, you will find yourself ready with multiple Garchomp and Haxorus on the bench in most cases. At that point, you can become more creative with your approach in taking your opponent’s line-up. In general, you will always knock out a Pokémon first. Ideally, a dragon-danced Haxorus early is the best situation because Dragon Pulse will be dealing 230 damage every turn; potential to defeat Mega-Pokémon in a single hit.

When your first Pokémon becomes in trouble, you have some defensive options besides Switch (or retreating Garchomp because of his zero Retreat Cost). Bursting Balloon is a great asset to help slow down and/or damage your opponent even if it means losing yours. That will generally mean your next Pokémon can come in and sweep the field and keep up the pressure.

haxorus garchomp tcg

Finally, other items help adjust your strategy and empower your line-up. Focus Sash ensures Garchomp does not get OHKO (One Hit KO) and Switch allows you to retreat Haxorus and bring Garchomp to deal with pesky EX-Pokémon. It really comes down to momentum at this point.

This was a pretty interesting deck to make and I was surprised at how fast and consistent the setup was at first. The deck can still be further tweaked to increase momentum even further. In the current state, I find myself generally ready to take down my opponent starting Turn 2 and that is pretty cool. Try out the deck for yourself as it pretty cheap to build since there are no big EX-Pokémon to get and let me know how it turns out for you.

If you enjoyed this deck profile, share it with your friends and let me know what would you change to make it even more efficient. Until next profile, keep it to IMGMR and check out our other deck overviews.

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