Karen Kills Night March
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Is Night March Headed Towards Doomsday?

If you have attended the competitive Pokémon TCG scene, then you probably faced a Night March deck…boy was that a pain!

Available in a few variations, Night March decks focus solely on a couple of cards in the trading card game, namely three of them that have the attack called Night March: Joltik, Lampent, and Pumpkaboo. Not only do all three have the same attack, but they are significantly weak in hit points, and come from the same expansion, Phantom Forces.

Now although the deck itself is considerably strong – it won quite a number of tournaments and official ranked competitions – it isn’t unbeatable. In general, the deck relies on special double colorless energy, which is now easy taken care of using counter cards such as Jirachi (XY-Promo), Enhanced Hammer, and Xerosic to name a few. Although they are considered staples, not every deck runs them.

However, I am not here to discuss about strategy on how to beat Night March, but the leak of a new card that directly counter it. Introducing Karen!

Thanks to a post found on various Pokémon TCG blogs (I do apologize for not being able to find it source), we discovered that a new Trainer card, Karen, has an effect that can break Night March and send it to its doom in the blink of an eye.


KarenTrainer Supporter
Each player shuffles each Pokémon in his or her discard pile back into his or her deck.

As the effect mentions, each player would be forced to “revive” in a sort all of the Pokémon found in their discard pile by putting them back in the deck. Since Night March runs on sending most of them to the discard pile as soon as possible, using cards such as Battle Compressor, sending them back would either force them to use the rest of their compressors, or significantly slow their game down, forcing them to draw them out. For Night March, the goal is to play as fast as possible and burn through your deck as quickly as possible in order to deal the most damage using the Night March attack.

However, by sending the Pokémon back to the deck, not only does that put them in a bind due to a lack of burning control (they have pretty much used up all of the Battle Compressors they have by now), but it also means that their current active Pokémon will be unable to deal as much damage as it potentially would have.

In that sense, Karen is the ultimate card against Night March and, in my opinion, once it comes out in North America, it would change the meta, making Night March unplayable. What kind of annoyingly fast deck will take its place? Well, the Serperior one might stand a chance – it is possibly one of the fastest decks that I have ever faced, but then again, some other new cards can come out in the meantime.

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  • Joel T. Buchanan
    11 June 2017 at 5:24 pm
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    This is why I’m running a Lysandre’s Trump card in my deck as well. Normally, only a fool would run such a card in a night march deck seeing that it shuffles all cards from your discard into your deck. But if your opponent uses a Karen, you need to get all your cards back to start the night March engine starting all over again. Yes, it’s a risk, but it’s a calculated risk that makes the deck more playable.

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