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Go Full-Hand Exhaust with Mimikyu

Creating funky and unique decks is what I enjoy the most and lately, I have been looking at making an exhaust deck.

Initially, my Pokemon of choice was Flygon. Since his ability is to set my opponent’s hand to four cards, like a free Red Card if you want, I wanted to combo it with Delinquent. Basically, you would have your opponent set his cards in hand to four, and destroy three of them. A great way to slow him/her down. However, I wanted to explore the possibility of completely wiping his hand.

In the new GX box that was announced today, one of the promo card is Mimikyu. This basic Pokemon can, for the cost of two colorless energy, “discard a card from your opponent’s hand without looking.” If you can perform the initial combo using a Red Card and drop the hand to one, this attack would ensure that get to keep his hand down as low as zero as often as possible. Imagine your opponent drawing a card, not being able to use it, and you destroy it on the next turn.

Here is an idea decklist:

Pokemon – 10

  • 2x Durant (Breakpoint)
  • 2x Mimikyu (Sun & Moon Limited Edition GX Starter Set)
  • 2x Shaymin EX (Roaring Skies)
  • 2x Mr Mime (Generations)
  • 2x Mew EX (Promo Reprint)
  • 2x Illumise (Primal Clash)


Energy – 8

  • 4x Special Rainbow
  • 2x Basic Grass
  • 2x Basic Psychic


Trainers – 39

  • 4x Parallel City
  • 4x Vs Seeker
  • 4x Trainer’s Mail
  • 4x Red Card
  • 4x Crushing Hammer
  • 4x Puzzle of Time
  • 3x Professor Sycamore
  • 3x Level Ball
  • 2x Ultra Ball
  • 2x Delinquent
  • 2x Super Rod
  • 2x Energy Reset
  • 1x Team Flare Grunt
  • 1x N


The goal here is to ensure that you slow down your opponent as much as possible and deck him out. To do so, the deck is comprised of many type of disrupts. Team Flare Grunt and Crushing Hammer are here to destroy the energy from the opponent’s Pokemon. Meanwhile, Delinquent, Red Card, Durant and Mimikyu take care of cards in the deck and in hand. To slow the game even more, Illumise’s colorless attack is a guarantee confusion. Will the enemy waste energies on retreat or will he/her take a risk and attack?

In my list, Bunnelby (Ancient Trait) was also a contender. However, given that the deck didn’t have anything to slow down the game in case the opposing Pokemon was ready for attack, Illumise was the best choice here.

Please note that the deck is still in test mode and changes to the list might occur. It is experimental at the moment, but make sure you keep an eye out for any updates that make it a lot more solid and consistent.

Pokemon TCG Features

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