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Fates Collide Deck Profile: Shock Icebergs with Jolteon & Glaceon

Fates Collide has without a doubt introduced some pretty sweet cards to the Pokémon TCG roster. As a matter of a fact, so did Generations. I remember when Jolteon was released, many started adding it to their lightning decks, giving them a fantastic advantage against basic Pokémon, not to mention EX. However, to complement Jolteon’s effect, Glaceon was introduced in Fates Collide, providing an even deadlier attack effect!

 Jolteon EX TCG

Pokémon – 9

  • 2x Jolteon-EX (Generations)
  • 2x Glaceon-EX (Fates Collide)
  • 3x Shaymin (Roaring Skies)
  • 1x Manaphy-EX (BREAKpoint)
  • 1x Smeargle (BREAKthrough)


Energy – 14

  • 4x Double Colorless
  • 5x Basic Water
  • 5x Basic Lightning


Trainers – 37

  • 4x Ultra Ball
  • 4x Max Elixir
  • 4x VS Seeker
  • 4x Trainer’s Mail
  • 4x Muscle Band
  • 3x Battle Compressor
  • 2x Rough Seas
  • 2x Professor Sycamore
  • 2x Super Rod
  • 1x Xerosic
  • 1x Hex Maniac
  • 1x Olympia
  • 1x Skyla
  • 1x AZ
  • 1x N
  • 1x Town Map
  • 1x Lysandre

Glaceon EX TCG

To understand this deck and master it, you must first understand what kind of opponent you are playing against. Nowadays, the meta relies a lot less on EX Pokémon, but some are bound to make an appearance, namely Alakazam-EX. Regardless the deck you are against, This Jolteon/Glaceon combination provides you with enough fire power and suppression effects to paralyze almost any other deck out there.

The goal is simple, have Jolteon and Glaceon on the field and ready to go as soon as possible. While Jolteon protects itself against basic creatures, after it has attacked, Glaceon does the same thing, but against evolved Pokémon – this includes MEGA, so that is quite a counter if you ask me. The deck is all about switching the right Pokémon in. Jolteon isn’t really a problem here, since its retreat cost is zero. However, Glaceon required two to retreat, hence the reason why Manaphy-EX is a part of this team. Since the deck also runs Shaymin-EX, it is better to profit from Manaphy’s engine, rather than relying on Float Stone.

Another important supporter here is Smeargle. It is true that there is only one in the deck, put in the proper circumstances, he can prove to be quite useful – switching the proper Energy around is an effect quite beneficial, especially in a Water/Lightning-type deck.


Sushi Master for less EX?

Since the deck plays around with a lot of EX Pokémon, two of which are used solely as support (Shaymin and Manaphy), it is a weakness for the deck – they have low HP and are not immune to the effects of Lysandre. Instead of running so many Shaymin, we could use Octillery in this case. Early game, this can prove to slow down the deck a bit, but once Octillery settles in, the flow and speed of the deck will prove to be a lot faster and more consistent. Of course, this version will require you to add some Dive Balls, which will make Glaceon a lot easier to summon.


If you have any variation of the deck you would like to suggest, or comment on this one, simply drop us a line in the section below!

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