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Fates Collide Deck Profile: Reuniclus Bonds with Duosion & Solosis

Solosis, Duosion, and Reuniclus…three Pokémon that must work together in order to maximize the damage output. Alone, the damage is terrible, but does that mean the deck isn’t playable to some level? If you know how to manage your cards right, this deck is fun to play, not to mention strong and relatively fast! It does have weaknesses, but then again, so does every deck.

Solosis XY

Pokémon – 16

  • 4x Solosis (Fates Collide)
  • 3x Duosion (Fates Collide)
  • 4x Reuniclus (Fates Collide)
  • 2x Mew (Fates Collide)
  • 3x Mr. Mime (BREAKthrough)


Energy – 8

  • 8x Basic Psychic


Trainers – 36

  • 4x Trainer’s Mail
  • 4x Level Ball
  • 3x Dimension Valley
  • 3x Battle Compressor
  • 3x Revive
  • 3x VS Seeker
  • 2x Rare Candy
  • 2x Super Rod
  • 2x Professor Sycamore
  • 2x Shauna
  • 2x Wally
  • 1x Sacred Ash
  • 1x Lysander
  • 1x Skyla
  • 1x Delinquent
  • 1x Hex Maniac
  • 1x N

Reuniclus XY

Compared to all of the other decks out there, this one requires a mechanic that is both easy to achieve and perform, and the very weak point of the deck. It can be a fun deck to play, but that is about it! The goal behind the power of this set is to have on the bench, as soon as possible, a Solosis, a Duosion, and a Reuniclus. As for an active, having Reuniclus or Mew is good enough. Since all three are on the bench, the damage output will at its peak – Reuniclus will deal 190 damage using two Energy (a single one if Dimension Valley is set as the stage).

Based off of the Trainer card, the deck focuses on drawing out the three Pokémon as soon as possible. Since they are all 90 hit points and less, the use of Level Ball is crucial. Mr. Mime also has an important role here – he will prevent almost anyone from dealing damage to your bench, where Solosis and the others wait. Since they have low HP, they can easily be targeted, but with Mr. Mime, they might have to burn Lysander for that.

Since the cards are weak, the deck runs Sacred Ash, Super Rod and Revive, all to bring back the trio on the bench.


Super weakness, unless you are faster!

The Reuniclus deck has a major weakness – in addition to being composed of Pokémon with low HP, there is absolutely no way to defend against abilities that damage the bench. This means that Golbat and Crobat, can easily take out your bench. Also, Alakazam-EX is a great danger. Every time it evolves to Mega Alakazam-EX, the opponent can put two damage counters on the active and three on a bench. Automatically, this kills a Solosis. To survive and slow down the deck, the opponent can evolve at least two simultaneously, which would then deal enough to take out Duosion, lowering the potential damage of the deck by 60.

The only way to win in these conditions would be to set up faster than your opponent and take out his Alakazam-EX before it evolves.

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