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Fates Collide Deck Profile: Lock & Burn with Mew

Being reintroduced in Fates Collide, Mew makes a comeback with his incredible ability Memories of Dawn – it copies a benched Pokémon’s move.

Equipped with such a powerful ability, he is now capable of fitting into a lot more decks, but don’t necessarily make them any stronger. The best case scenario here would be to create a deck which takes advantage not only of Memories of Dawn, but of Dimension Valley as well. Why not consider locking the opponent and crippling him/her severally?

Mew Tcg

Pokémon – 16

  • 2x Giratina-EX
  • 3x Seismitoad-EX
  • 3x Mew (Fates Collide)
  • 3x Phantump (BREAKpoint)
  • 3x Trevenant (XY)
  • 2x Deoxys (Roaring Skies)


Energy – 16

  • 4x Double Colorless
  • 4x Rainbow Energy
  • 4x Basic Psychic
  • 4x Basic Grass


Trainer – 28

  • 4x Dimension Valley
  • 2x Silent Lab
  • 4x Delinquent
  • 4x VS Seeker
  • 4x Crushing Hammer
  • 2x Team Flare Grunt
  • 2x Professor Sycamore
  • 2x Trainer’s Mail
  • 2x Professor Birch’s Observations
  • 2x Ultra Ball

Trevenant TCG

This deck is pretty straight forward, but does require some managing and focus to play. The goal is to have Mew as an active while being supported by a Trevenant, Deoxys, Seismitoad-EX and Giratina-EX. If Trevenant is up, Mew can copy Deoxys’ attack and deal quite some damage over time at the cost of a single Energy, considering Dimension Valley to be up. Otherwise, Mew can simply use Seismitoed-EX’s Quacking Punch to item-lock the opponent. Meanwhile, you can start getting Giratina-EX ready and when the time is right, switch out Mew. Once Giratina-EX attacks, you opponent will not be able to use any items (because of Trevenant), stadiums, Pokémon tools, or even attach any special energy!

To make things worse, the deck runs tons of stadiums and Delinquent, which are used to heavily cripple the opponent by wiping his/her hand. The addition of Team Flare Grunt and Crushing Hammer only slow things down considerably, giving you the upper hand.

While many would complain that Silent Lab isn’t of good use in this deck, the reason for it being part of it is to ensure you have higher chances to use Delinquent when you need to, and to restrain your opponent by locking his/her Pokémon’s abilities. Of course, this also affects your Mew and Trevenant, but in the end, all you have to do is send out Seismitoad-EX and use Quacking Punch to resume your item-lock advantage.


Red Card, A Critical Hit!

In this version, the deck runs with Trainer’s that increase the user’s draw power potential – cards such as Birch, Sycamore, Trainer’s Mail and the VS Seekers are crucial and help in having as many cards as possible in your hand. A good addition to the list would have been Red Card. Combined with Delinquent, Red Card can cripple your opponent and leave him with a single card in his hand. As aforementioned above, the less cards your opponent has, the more potent your locking will end up being. Definitely a card worth considering in custom versions of this deck.

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