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Fates Collide Deck Profile: Alakazam Teams Up with Gengar

Since their introduction in the original and first generation of Pokémon, Alakazam and Gengar were feared and quickly became known respectively as the strongest pure Psychic and Ghost-type species. As the universe grew, more and more species were added to the roster, but as it turned out, these two always remained as popular as ever.

In the video games, their stats were superb – a well-trained Alakazam, and Gengar, could knock-out nearly every single Pokémon with a single move. In the trading card game, however, their powers were easily overshadowed by a bunch of other creatures. Now that Fates Collide features a brand new Alakazam-EX and its Mega Evolution, this classic Psychic-type is well on its way to be back on top – Gengar couldn’t be a better team-mate!

alakazam ex

Pokémon – 18

  • 3x Alakazam-EX (Fates Collide)
  • 3x MEGA Alakazam-EX (Fates Collide)
  • 3x Gastly (Generations)
  • 3x Haunter (Generations)
  • 3x Gengar (Generations)
  • 3x Deoxys (Roaring Skies)


Energy – 10

  • 6x Basic Psychic
  • 4x Special Mystery


Trainers – 32

  • 4x Alakazam Spirit Link
  • 4x Trainer’s Mail
  • 4x Dimension Valley
  • 3x VS Seeker
  • 2x Ultra Ball
  • 2x Evosoda
  • 2x Battle Compressor
  • 2x Professor’s Letter
  • 2x Wally
  • 2x Professor Sycamore
  • 1x N
  • 1x Skyla
  • 1x Lysandre
  • 1x Delinquent
  • 1x Fisherman

mega alakazam ex

In this deck, managing damage counters and setting them on the proper Pokémon of your enemy’s bench is crucial. Alakazam-EX’s attack puts three damage counters on every single one of your opponent’s creatures, as long as they have an Energy attached. This works with both basic and special Energy, so make sure most of his Pokémon have at least one before using this move. In addition, Alakazam also has an ability, Kinesis, which allows you to put two counters on the opponent’s active and three counters on an opponent’s benched Pokémon when you Mega Evolve to Mega Alakazam-EX.

Both of these, the ability and the attack, are perfect for setting up for either Mega Alakazam-EX, which deals more damage based on how much damage the active Pokémon already has, and Gengar. In this deck, Mega Alakazam can use Zen Force, a move that deal 30 damage for each damage counter on your opponent’s active Pokémon, plus a base of 10. The beauty about this is that not only can you evolve your benched Alakazam’s and not have your turn ended thanks to Alakazam Spirit Link, but you can also devolve the Mega Evolutions and rinse and repeat the strategy to knock-out those heavy HP creatures your opponent might have.

gengar tcg

As for Gengar, when you think about, it is the perfect companion to have. Not only does Alakazam deal 30 damage all around, which is well enough for Gengar to knock you out using Creep Show, but if you set him up as an active and evolve two Alakazam, you are guaranteed to knock-out anything. In this scenario, adding to the four counters, Mega Alakazam would have dealt 130 damage (four counters x 30 damage + 10 base = 130). However, if the opponent would have had anything with over 170 hit points, Gengar would guarantee the prize, or prizes!


Deoxys Over Mewtwo-EX

In this version of the deck, I have decided to go ahead and use Deoxys instead of Mewtwo-EX, the contender. Although end game, Mewtwo-EX could have been a heavy hitter, going for an approach that uses less Energy was a better one. This makes the deck faster, especially if you are lucky and draw Deoxys as a first active Pokémon – the potential early damage you can cause using this legendary will definitely put the trainer you are facing in a pressure situation and increase the chances for mistakes.

Who would you replace Deoxys with? Leave your suggestion in the comment section below!

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Alakazam only does 30 to pokemon with energy


What are the battle compressors for?


Any ideas on what to replace Battle Compressors, Mystery Energy and Dimension Valley’s with, after Steam Siege is released?


What would you recommend in place of vs seeker and battle compressor since they are no longer in standard format?


Really like this deck as a keen Psychic trainer. Not sure about the trainers as a lot of those i’m not keen on using, I have adapted this by adding a couple more lysandre and a fighting fury belt but still a bit stuck on trainers. Altered the deck slightly too incorporate the extra poison damage too with things like Virbank Gym


Any update to the deck? I thought of this idea and just now saw your article, wondering how it did, any deck fixes….