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Dual Type Deck Profile: Volcanion-EX So Hot and Cold

Dual-type Pokémon are back! Last time, the TCG community saw such cards during the Delta Species expansion, but now, it appears as though some creatures will be given two types instead of a single one.

For this deck, we will focus on the new legendary, Volcanion. Printed as an EX, Volcanion is both a Fire and Water-type Pokémon that requires mainly Fire Energy to attack. Although his attack cost can be acquired within two turns, it deals tremendous damage – the downside is that it can’t be used again on the next turn. What about his ability?

Volcanion EX

Ability: Steam Up
Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard 1 Fire Energy card from your hand. If you do, during this turn, the attacks of your Basic Fire Pokemon do 30 more damage to your opponent’s Active Pokemon.

[R}[R][C] Volcanic Heat: 130 damage. During your next turn, this Pokemon can’t attack.

Pokémon – 10

  • 4x Volcanion-EX
  • 2x Manaphy-EX (BREAKpoint)
  • 4x Moltres (Fates Collide)


Energy – 16

  • 12x Basic Fire
  • 4x Water Energy


Trainers – 34

  • 4x Dive Ball
  • 4x Muscle Band
  • 4x Fiery Torch
  • 4x Scorched Earth
  • 3x Blacksmith
  • 2x Battle Compressor
  • 2x Trainer’s Mail
  • 2x VS Seeker
  • 2x Roller Skates
  • 2x Rough Seas
  • 2x Professor Sycamore
  • 1x Energy Recycler
  • 1x Fisherman
  • 1x Professor’s Letter


Volcanion-EX’s Steam Up ability is probably one of the strongest out there. For the cost of discarding one Fire Energy from your hand, you empower your basic fire-type Pokémon to do an extra 30 damage on the opponent’s active. Not only is this devastating in the end run, when Volcanion-EX is ready to attack, but given the circumstance that Moltres is the first one up to attack, his potential damage in a single turn, with a single energy, is calculated to 140 damage, 160 if Moltres has the Muscle Band tool on. This is nearly enough to down more than 80% of the cards out there. Can this set up even be possible?

The answer to that question is yes. Unless being Item Locked, which is a great weakness to this deck, you have access to drawing power almost comparable to the discard power of a Night March deck. Thanks to the heavy amount of Scorched Earths, Fiery Torch, and the addition of Battle Compressor, VS Seeker and Dive Ball, having four Volcanion-EX on the field and enough fire energy in the hand will be a piece of cake.

As for survivability, the limitation caused by Volcanion-EX’s attack forces you to switch over to another one every turn, to the very least. Thanks to the magnificent effect of Manaphy-EX’s ability, all you need to do is attach a water energy to Volcanion-EX, and it should be able to switch in and out free of cost. This provides the deck with a decent amount of mobility.

Finally, an important card to take in consideration here is Rough Seas. Since you will be switching front and back your Volcanion-EX, your weak spot will be Manaphy-EX. Thanks to Rough Seas, you can ensure that it doesn’t get knocked out by attack to the bench. Additionally, Volcanion is also a creature that profits from the effects of Rough Seas.


Nota Bene!

It is important for me to mention to you that this deck cannot be tested at the moment unless you use proxy cards and play with friends. From that experience, this variation is very fast most of the time, but has a great weakness: Item Lock Decks. The second you are blocked from using items, the deck runs on luck, and even then, it is heavily weakened. The only way out is to rely on Blacksmith and hope to charge Volcanion-EX fast enough using the Energy in your hand and Blacksmith.

As for a variation for the deck, the addition of Octillery could increase your draw power, but you would have to sacrifice a couple of good cards in order to make some space. Switching out Manaphy and the water energy for Float Stone and extra VS Seeker can also be a considerable option.

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    It’s a great post.

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    Personally, I would try a Volcanion-EX with Blaziken-EX deck it would make him so powerful early on

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