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Breakpoint: SSS Grade Greninja Break (Snipe, Switch, Snipe)

When we first shared our very first deck overview with you, we decided to start things off with Greninja, a deck supported by heavy attackers, such as Blastoise, Mega Blastoise and Palkia. Thanks to its search and energy attaching engine, the deck fairs pretty well against most of them out there.

However, today, I wanted to share my version of the Greninja deck, one that focuses solely on getting Greninja ready for any foe. I call it, the SSS Greninja Break!


Pokémon – 21

4x Froakie (Breakpoint)
4x Frogadier (Breakpoint)
2x Greninja (Breakpoint)
2x Greninja (XY Base Set)
3x Greninja Break
2x Lapras (Breakpoint)
2x Remoraid (Breakthrough)
2x Octillery (Breakthrough)


Energy – 8

8x Water Energy


Trainer – 31

2x VS Seeker
2x Enhanced Hammer
2x Crushing Hammer
2x Rough Seas
4x Dive Ball
2x Float Stone
2x Wally
1x Professor’s Letter
2x Switch
2x Super Rod
2x Evosoda
2x Professor Sycamore
1x Skyla
1x Delinquent
1x Fisherman
1x Hex Maniac
1x Teammates
1x Lysandre



The goal of this deck is pretty straight forward, you must have Greninja’s on the field as soon as possible. Thanks to the attack on Frogadier, you can have an early look at your deck and search for all the other Frogadier in it, and then set them on the bench. The attack states “up to three”, so you can choose as many as you need. Since they have entered the field prior to your turn’s end, you can have them evolve during your next one. This is where Evosoda, Dive Ball and Wally come in handy.

Greninja XY Base SetGreninja Breakpoint Set

Once you have set up Octillery and your Greninja’s (and Greninja Breaks), it is up to you to manage how you will use the Water Shuriken and Giant Water Shuriken abilities. It is easy to burn cards from your hand with this deck and fish them back out from the discard pile, using Fisherman and the Super Rods, so managing those two trainers and the Abyssal Hand ability from Octillery are crucial. If played correctly, you can knock out a Shaymin EX, or any other EX under 120HP, sitting on the bench using two Giant Water Shuriken abilities, or most EX Pokémon in offensive position using the same abilities and Greninja’s (Breakpoint) second attack.

This deck’s true weakness are Night March and Item Lock decks – that is why Lapras was added. Lapras’ first attack only cost a single Water Energy and it allows the user to search for any trainer card from the deck. If you are facing item lock decks, it can be used to search for Wally, which will still allow you to evolve, or Rough Seas, to ensure that you can heal a bit of damage every turn. The next one, you can look for Delinquent if the play is worth it. Against Night March, Lapras can be used to search for Enhanced Hammer and Crushing Hammer, two item cards that destroy energy and special energy attached to Pokémon on your opponent’s side of the field. This can give you enough momentum for you to use Greninja Break’s Giant Water Shuriken and attacks to take out some Pokémon.

The deck was tested and does fairly well in standard format, but if you have some cards you would like to suggest, or a variation, feel free to share it with us using the comment section below! Also, let us know if there is a deck you want us to showcased as well!

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