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League of Legends World Championship Finals Recap

This Saturday we witnessed history when the eventual winners SKTelecom T1 won their second Summoner’s cup in three years.SKTelecom T1 became the first League of Legends organization to win multiple championships in the 5 year history of the tournament. It is fitting that Faker, their mid lane prodigy and best player in the history of the game is the first one to win two world cups. Their jungler Bengi and coach Kim Jeong-gyun also won their second trophy this weekend.

Faker and his team started the opening off by giving first blood to their opponents. SKT tried to gank the top lane but did not realize 4 members were already there with Smeb teleporting in to make it a 5 man counter gank killing off Wolf. By the 20 minute mark they had erased their gold deficit and took a 2k gold lead, but it was still a close match. A crucial dragon fight at 24 minutes allowed SKT to gain control of the match by killing off 3 members of the Koo Tigers even though they did not secure their third dragon of the game. A perfectly timed ultimate by Marin on Rumble zoned out the Koo Tigers in the mid lane which prompted an engage by SKT who killed off once again three members from the Tigers. They then baited the baron to end up picking off Smeb who went to defend it without vision. From that point on SKT dominated the rest of the game, and pushing in until they reached the enemy’s nexus.

In the second game of the series, we witnessed a weird turn of events when SKT support Wolf invaded the enemy jungle at 2 minutes to delay them on their path. Top laner Marin and jungle Bengi decided to join him and engaged on Smeb and Hoijin under their second tier tower and ended up both dying giving Koo Tigers first blood for a second match in a row. Not even two minutes later, Koo sent their jungler bot lane and killed Marin under his tower, Bengi got their too late to help him and also died giving the Tigers a 4-2 advantage in kills as he took someone down with him. Having to play from behind for a second game in a row, SKT slowed down their game play and started picking off members from KOO and slowly getting back in the game. This game was a close one at the 23 minute mark with both teams tied in kills at 10-10, but  SKT is the type of team that even though are behind in a game you cannot commit any kind of mistake or they will bury you for it and it is precisely what happened. 34 minutes into the game Koo Tigers made the wrong decision of starting baron when all the members of SKT were still alive in a desperate move to gain back the advantage in the game, this resulted in them losing 4 members and baron. It was game over from then on with SKT making one last push to end the game.

The third game was an unfortunate one for SKT, they committed too many mistakes in order to perform a comeback. Once again they gave up first blood, Bengi and Wolf were roaming in enemy jungle and found Gorilla. They then engaged on him and the fight ended up a 3v3 with both mid laners joining, Koo Tigers had the best of SKT in this one acing them around the dragon pit when all 5 team members joined. Koo Tigers continued to pick off members from the LCK Champions to create a 5k gold lead at 23 minutes and leading 11-2 in kills. Hoijin was everywhere this game On Lee sin participating on 25 of the 29 kills for his team which ended in 37 minutes in favor of the Koo Tigers who handed SKT their first loss of the tournament preventing them from becoming the first undefeated champions in League of Legends history.

For the final game of the series, Faker went back to his signature champion this tournament, Ryze. No one has been able to deal with Fakers Ryze this tournament and nothing was different in the fourth match. It took 9 minutes into the game to get a first blood, and for the first time in the series SKT were the one to get it. Hoijin ganked Faker in the mid lane to make it a 1v2 and boy what a mistake it was, not only did Faker manage not to die he turned the tables around and punished Hoijin by killing him and escaping. At 20 minutes SKT had a 3k gold lead and a 3-0 with Faker participating on all of them. By the 30 minute mark the game was already over SKT held a commanding 11k gold lead and Faker was unstoppable once again with a 100% kill participation, SKT got baron and ended the game under 35 minutes. The Korean prodigy finished the game with a 9/0/4 stat line on his way to become the first two time champion. But as well as Faker played in the finals, the MVP award still goes to team Captain Marin. He was remarkable throughout the tournament, he was everywhere the team needed him to be, carried when they needed him too, teleported at the right time and was almost never caught out of position. He finished second amongst top laner behind Smeb with 78 kills and first with a KDA of 4.4.

SKTelecom T1 have now become the first team to ever win two championships and are a perfect 100% win rate once they make it to Worlds. The Koreans are so dominant at the international level that the only way to stop them from winning the whole thing is preventing them from even making it as seen in season 5 when they did not qualify, that did not stop another LCK team from taking home the trophy though. The last 3 team to win the world cup have been from Korea, the other regions will have to step up their play next year in order to dethrone the LCK from taking yet another championship home. Europe came close this year sending two teams to the semifinals but even then, neither team would of been able to beat SKT the way they have played this past month.

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