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League of Legends Semifinals recap

The Semifinals are finally over and we have our two finalists for the grand final which will be help in Berlin this year. Here is a recap of both matches.First off is the match between Origen and SKTelecom T1:


SKT came into the match as the heavy favorites to win it and they ended up taking the series in three matches. They did however struggle in the first 20 minutes of game 1 versus the Europeans. Origen are the first team in the entire tournament to hold a gold lead over the Korean giants after 20 minutes of game time. It looked as if OG heard the criticism of their weak early game in previous matches and had worked them out, surprisingly that in which had won them so many games this far it the competition was their eventual undoing against SKT, their mid-game shot calling.  They were mostly in control of the first match before SKT took advantage of a mistake made by the team when they got picked off around the map one by one and allowing their opponents to shrink the gold lead and slowly get back in the game. A team of SKT’s caliber does not need much in order to finish a game once they get control of it, and it is precisely what happened. After regaining control of the first match, SKT did not look back and dominated the next two matches even starting Faker in the third one who was resting on the bench in favor of Easyhoon who performed exceptionally well.

SKTelecom T1 are now heading to Berlin to compete in the World Championships finals for the second time in three years after winning the season 3 summoners cup. They have already made history in being the first team to make it to the finals with an undefeated record of 9-0 trough the groups stages, quarterfinal and semifinals. They could now make history in becoming the first team ever to win two world championships trophies. Faker and Benji are the only remaining starters from the season 3 winners that feature Team Liquid’s AD Carry Piglet, Team Impulse’s top laner Impact and support player PoohManDu.

Origen can be proud of what they accomplished this year, in their first season in the LCS they finished second in the standings. Then went on to win the regional qualifiers and earn a spot at worlds. In the group stages they were placed in group, which most people considered to be the group of death with LGD Gaming, KT Rolster, Team SoloMid and Origen. They managed to make it out of the group stages into the quaterfinals and then went on to win their match-up against the Flash Wolves. In only half a year, Origen finished as one of the top 4 teams in the world which in itself is a remarkable accomplishment.

The second match of the semifinals featured Fnatic and Koo Tigers:

Fnatic vs Koo

Nobody expected the outcome of the series to be decided in three matches, and not a lot projected the Koo Tigers to defeated the European champions Fnatic and advance to the grand finals.

In the first match, everything was going right for the Europeans, they were getting kills early on, getting towers , led in gold and then they decided to gank bot lane with a five man dive while Koo Tigers still had their tower. When they realized it was a bad idea, everyone of Fnatic’s side disengaged, except for Reignover who instead flashed in the enemy team and died which prompted a team fight where Fnatic ended up getting aced and it brought back the Koo Tigers in the game. The Koreans following that team fight took control of the game and never looked back dominating every team fight from then on, despite Febiven’s best effort to carry yet another game on Leblanc finishing with a 6/1/6 stat line.

In the second game Fnatic had lost before even stepping on the rift allowing Koo Tigers to select Tahm Kench and Kalista in the bot lane. They had the opportunity to select Kalista following the instalock of Tahm but ended up choosing Ashe instead. That unstoppable bot lane duo enable their true carry Smeb to go off on his main champ at world Fiora. Smed had a KDA of 16 to finish the game and Pray who was on Kalista finished with a KDA of 19 for the second game.

In the third game Fnatic decided to not ban Lulu who so far had been banned in 93.7% of all matches and ended up not selecting her instead allowing Koo Tigers to grab her up. The Koreans made quick work of the third match ending it in 30 minutes with their top laner Smeb going off on Hecarim with a score of 9/1/7 powered up by Kuro’s Lulu who finished with 6/2/13. Questionable shot calling and weak picks and bans which are normally a strong suit for the European Champions were not on display in the Semifinals, leading to their loss.

Even though both European teams lost against the Koreans, they can still be proud of themselves with two teams finishing in the top 4, they can learn a lot from their loss and improve on them in the upcoming year.

For our finalist’s, we have two Korean teams, SKTelecom T1 and Koo Tigers. Both teams have classed many times this past year and SKT emerged victorious when in counted most, in the summer split final and every game they played this spring split. With the way they have been playing so far in the tournament, Faker and his team look invincible and it will take all they have for Smeb and the Tigers to beat them.

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