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Is Overwatch the same as Team Fortress 2?

I LOVE BLIZZARD. I love them with all my soul (and all my money). My first time, I played Diablo on my cousin’s classic PlayStation console. I spent countless hours perfecting my build order in Starcraft. I played so much Warcraft 2 that my CD broke. I grew up playing so much Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 that my parents had to take the biggest plan for our internet connection back when nobody really knew what a ”Gigabyte” was.

This year will mark my 10th years of subscription to World of Warcraft. I’m also a big fan of Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 (after the Auction house fix, of course). Hearthstone is my most played application on my phone and the main reason I never have battery left.

Was I clear enough? I ADORE Blizz. I think it’s one of the best company around. I could talk in length about how the customer service is one of its biggest feature. You can call for mostly any problems and they will do everything they can to help you, even if it’s just because you bought old Warcraft TCG cards and received a blurry code for an in-game item. Yeah, I’ve really called for that, and I don’t regret anything since they gave me my [Epic purple shirt].

That’s a big wind-up for my text but I wanted to make sure that everybody and their mother knew that I’m a big fanboy.


Is Overwatch Just Team Fortress 2?

Well…I mean…yeah? And no? Technically both are character-based team shooters (or something along those lines). Both are somewhat parodies of the ”nitty-gritty” shooters. Adding colors where Call of Duty and Battlefield are just browns and dark greens and where reality is way exaggerated.

So I guess they are similar? But they are far from being the same.


Blizzard is Stealing Their Ideas Elsewhere

Stealing is actually a big word. There are so many games that you could say are just a copy of another game. Saying that one game is a clone of another is a recent accusation. Nobody thought that Sonic the Hedgehog was a clone of Super Mario. They are both plateformers yes, but clones? Nah.

It’s too easy to jump to those conclusions. It’s like saying that World of Warcraft is a clone of Everquest. Or that Hearthstone is just a clone of Magic. You see where I’m going?

Heroes of the Storm is just a MOBA, Starcraft and Warcraft are RTS. See, it’s stupid to reduce those marvelous games to being ”just” their genres.


All your cake, are belong to us

Team OverFortwatch 3

I’m writing that text because I had that discussion with a friend who loves Blizzard games like I do but was really upset about Overwatch. His point was that the game was so similar to Team Fortress 2 that we could call it Team Fortress 3, even though we all know that Valve is so scared of the number three that we will never have a proper TF3.

My point was; would that be so bad?

One of my favorite game of all time is Banjo-Kazooie. You could argue that it’s a Mario 64 clone all day long if you want. A 3D plateformer collect-aton. Does that means that Rare was a bad company? Of course not! They added a layer of humor that Mario never had. They also added the sense of progression by adding moves that you could not perform before. Their game became a giant in terms of plateformers, so much so that the old team came back as Playtonic to give birth to the game I’m waiting for most this year; Yooka-Laylee.


Spiritual Brothers, and sisters

This is a love letter to Blizzard

This company loves gaming. They love gamers. They are gamers. When they create a game it’s because they would want to play a game like that.

Heroes of the Storms is simplified and got rid of the shops and since all players level at the same time, it’s better for casuals players (or noobs). The MMO genre was way too time consuming for most people so they removed the penalty when you died that most other games had. TCGs like magic have a high cost threshold if you want to be competitive so they added crafting to Hearthstone.

Some of you will say that the oversimplification is a bad thing. I’ll give it to you, you are right sometimes. But you don’t get 12 million subscribers with a game that is unforgiving towards your player base.


In art, sometimes ”copy” also means ”homage”

Let me end by saying that Overwatch is a heck of a game. The characters are so colorful, bursting of personality and they are all unique in their own way. If you still think that it’s just a clone, give yourself a treat and go try it. This game is tight!

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