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E3 2016: ReCore Hands-On Experience

Last year, we were graced by the reveal of ReCore, a new action game produced by none other than Keiji Inafune.

The Xbox booth gave us the chance to try this game out and it was great! For those of you who don’t know, this game puts players in control of Jules and you use cores to take control of robots called Corebots. Each come with their fair share of abilities and characteristics. It was interesting to see how the level design went into such detail in such a way that it takes advantage of all Corebots in unique puzzles.

The short demo makes you through a single dungeon. At this point, Jules is looking into a power source on her radar and going deep to investigate. Alongside you are two Corebots: Mack, the Blue core dog, and Seth, the Yellow core spider robot. Indeed, the color of cores are important for they serve a great purpose in combat. Each Corebot have their health bar on the top left below Jules’ bar and have their attack commands. Mack dashes straight into the enemy the player is targeting and Seth fires missiles from long range to the targeted enemy. However, only one Corebot is on the battlefield with Jules at a time. Players can switch between freely even mid0fight so quick thinking is necessary to sometimes save a dying Corebot or changing tactics.


Now, the way I see it the game has two major things to discuss here: the combat and the puzzles. Of course, the universe of the game was modern and technological. The enemies were also robots and so it had a very science-fiction mixed in with some Mad Max in the middle of a deserted wasteland where the living must fight to survive.

The combat is pretty strategic as well as action-packed. Jules is equipped with a gun that change its bullets from neutral to three different types of bullet colors: Red, Blue and Yellow. There is a color pattern mechanic where enemies who have a color take more damage from bullets of the same color. Fighting multiple enemies becomes pretty tricky especially when multiple enemies with different colors fight you simultaneously. Jules’ energy rifle also loses accuracy when fired non-stop so it is better to fire in bursts and recharge and refocus. Of course, your Corebots help you fight as well, however they cannot change their core color and so, they will do and take more damage to and from enemy Corebots who are the same color as they are. Corebots switching and bullet switching become essential to overcome the enemy waves.


On the puzzle side of things, ReCore reminded me a lot of game like Mega Man Legends in terms of level design. This make perfect sense since Keiji Inafune played such a pivotal role in the making of ReCore. The dungeon that the demo featured was almost split into multiple rooms and with each one came a brand new challenge to figure out. This form of level design was very familiar to me and was reminiscent of a lot of the Mega Man games.

Some rooms, I had go through waves of enemies in a room with a certain gimmick or obstacle, such as one room where fire would spew out from the ground and so had me dodge them while taking out the hordes of enemies coming at me. It had me thinking on my feet while keeping an eye on the rest of the room constantly. Other rooms preferred to test out my wits and skills to figure how to get from point A to point B. This particular dungeon had me use Seth to traverse special rails that served as transportation lines. So, one such room had many of them and needed me to latch myself from rail to rail until I reached the other of the room.


The game was very fun to experience and figure out how to overcome the next challenge. It really is satisfying for the player to really use their head to overcome many obstacles in order to reach the ultimate goal. ReCore did that very well in a very short amount of time. For a game of its size and caliber, the demo did feel very short-lived. I was able to notice certain passages that needed me to return with a Corebot that I did not own and so, I believe the game will reward players for exploring and discovering all the new things there is to find.

ReCore is releasing exclusively on Xbox One in September 2016. Let us know if you’re interested in trying out ReCore. It seem to be a very interesting game with lots to offer. Stay tuned for more information on ReCore right here on IMGMR.

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