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Why I Won’t Buy The Nintendo Switch, But You Should

On the first minutes of Friday, many of you will be waiting in lines to get the brand new Nintendo Switch. Inching closer to the door of your favorite video game den, waiting patiently for the last seconds without the newest generation of Nintendo’s console. The atmosphere will be saturated with hype, your tired body will be on the verge of collapsing but you won’t sleep now, you can’t sleep now. The Switch is here! The doors will open and you will finally get your precious treasure. A quick exchange of money and boom, you are out of the store, over-hyped and exhausted, but satisfied. Taking a last look to the store before getting into your car you will check who is still in line, waiting as you were minutes ago and what will you see? Not me bro.

I won’t buy the Switch on Friday. Well I might buy it ON a Friday someday, but I won’t buy it ON THIS FRIDAY. Here’s why;



I know I know, it’s been the same for each and every consoles launch since I can remember. Most systems back in the day came with at least the flagship games and I don’t get why it’s not like that anymore (for making more money I guess). That’s why I always wait for a bundle. When I bought my PS4 it came with NHL 16 (as a Canadian, this is cliche) plus Best Buy had a promotion and gave me Metal Gear Solid 5 also.

Snes Bundle With Donkey Kong Country



1-2-Switch is not a full fledged game, it’s a console demo for the Nintendo Switch. Do like the Wii and give it away like Wii Sports. You know what, I think they will backpedal on this one and include a download code weeks after the launch if the sales of the system are not sky high. I’m willing to bet on it.

The other games are either ports of games like Shovel Knight; Don’t get me wrong, if you haven’t bought it yet, do it. You won’t regret it. This game is stellar.

-Or they are games like Just Dance 2017. That you can buy your existing consoles if you REALLY need the title.

A console without a game is an overpriced paperweight.



Breath of the wild as we all know will also be available on the Wii U, why would I need to buy the Nintendo Switch Right away? I tried the Wii U version of the game when we went to E3 last summer and of course I’ll purchase it! My copy is waiting for me at the IMGMR headquarters. The game is, for what I saw, a game changer in the franchise and from what I heard it’s way better than I can imagine. I won’t miss a thing on the so called inferior version. The Wii U is still a capable machine and no amount of rupees I throw at a new console will change the core experience – it might also break and I don’t think the screen is big green diamonds proof.

The real thing is that there are no difference between the two. The graphics are really similar (go check the comparisons on YouTube if you don’t believe me), but that’s it. It’s not even as different as Twilight Princess on the Gamecube compared to the Wii was; the map will be on the same side this time around. Link is SUPPOSED to be left handed, you won’t fool me this time!

Wii U version on the left, Switch on the right


It’s Nintendo man, you know how they roll. There won’t be enough Switch at Launch for all of us on day one. If you got your reservations don’t cancel it (not that I think you really would anyway). The console will probably be on short supply like the Wii was for weeks. Marketing wise they did their job really well this time around. The Wii U’s default was that ”normal customers” thought it was just an adapter for the Wii. The Switch will appeal more to the normies since it’s like a phone, but with way more games, and better ones at that!

If you were on the edge of buying it on Friday think about it really hard. The Switch will be on short supplies for weeks, maybe months. The public is not fully aware that the console is at our doors. It’s time for us to strike. Buy it as soon as you can if you want it.

The games should pour faster than on the Wii U this time. Third party developers are waiting to fully commit to the project, indies will come right after and if all goes well we should have an exceptional line up in the incoming years. The new Mario looks promising and I had so much fun with Splatoon; I can’t wait to see what the second iteration have to show us. I want to be a squid now, to be a kid now.



Money friend, it’s always money. My pockets are as empty as Wario’s head.


I’ll wait for a bundle with Kirby or something. Pink Joy-con anyone? Until then, I’ll see you in Hyrule in 480p on my game pad!

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