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Things You May Have Missed During The Nintendo Switch Reveal

Nintendo just revealed the Nintendo Switch, the new console with a new twist. The first seamless and complete hybrid console is here.There was quite a bit of information shown here and there regarding the Nintendo Switch during its trailer. You can watch it again right below:

The Games:

There were multiple games shown throughout the reveal. A few are more familiar than others. At first, we finally get to see how the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is played on the new platform. Then, we find three unrevealed games that will be played:


The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Special Edition


Mario Kart

This seems like a new Mario Kart game. The game features a past stage, but shows new features in the game. King Boo is seen asa  playable rider and the item system is changed to allow players to hold 2 items at the same time.

Also, notice that the guys are using some kind of hanger accessory. Is this going to become a thing for the Switch in order to play anywhere?


NBA 2K17



This must the rumored Super Mario game that is in development. Miyamoto had mentioned in the past that he wishes for the next Mario game to change the franchise the same way Zelda: Breath of the Wild is. This small footage oddly reminds me of a level design similar to Super Mario 64 or is that just me?

Of course, these are but a few games that were already rumored in the past months. Skyrim comes more of a surprise than the other titles.

The Hardware:

Indeed, it seems that the Nintendo Switch a sporting the black and grey scheme, keeping a more realistic and mature look compared to past consoles. It seems all your information and power is stored inside that small screen. When this screen is inserted into the home terminal, the console becomes a full-fledged home console.


On the road however, there are multiple ways to play. Giving freedom for player to enjoy games the way they feel conformable has always been a strong point for Nintendo. When detached, the screen can be used in multiple ways to play. It can be put standing on a flat surface and the side controls can be detached for play when sitting down. Of course, it can be used as a classic handheld with the sides attached when playing outside.

Finally, multiplayer is not an issue anymore when you’re chilling with your buddies outside. Two players can play on the same console with each one using one of the sides as a horizontal controller, similar to the Wii Remote. For four-player play, it seems that two Switch consoles can connect through wireless means. This is probably done with the local wireless feature that was used in the 3DS and DS before.

At home, after the screen is inserted into the terminal, there were two ways to play shown in the trailer. The first is the controller shown in the photo above. The sides are attached to a much smaller controller for a more ergonomic feel when playing on the couch. The other was shown a little later with a second controller shown in the photo below:


This controller takes a more traditional look for the solo gamer who wants to enjoy a long and arduous adventure like Skyrim. Of course, I would personally like to try these controllers for myself before forming an opinion. So stay tuned until we get the chance to try this out. Nevertheless, it is still good Nintendo took the traditional gamer in mind when presenting the trailer.

On another note, if you notice in the picture above, there are a few Amiibo figures from the Mario series shown. This might suggest that the Switch will indeed be compatible with the Amiibo line.

(Am I the only who noticed that the gamers were all adults and no children playing were ever shown? Could it be Nintendo is taking a more mature approach with the Nintendo Switch?)

The Developers:


Quite a handful of developers are lining up to make games for this platform and that is very good news for this console. The Wii U has seen terrible growth and had an almost non-existent third party support. For months, we have been hearing such good reactions by developers and now, we see how many are going to be putting work into the platform.

A few companies on this list could be hinting something to us. DeNa is part of this list and for those of you who do not know, they are the company partnered with Nintendo to make their smartphone games, including Miitomo, Super Mario Run and many more on the way. There were rumors that the new Nintendo console will somehow incorporate Nintendo’s mobile games, especially Miitomo, and their My Nintendo program. Will we see a release of these games on Switch?


I am keeping my fingers crossed here, but it is odd that Nintendo has ended the trailer with a final segment focusing on Splatoon and the eSports scene. Splatoon has seen a lot of success on Wii U and has proven to be widely popular. It seems this game will be released on Switch or are we looking at a sequel here? One thing is for sure, Splatoon is coming to Switch.


The bigger question is: is Nintendo planning on adventuring into the eSports scene? If so, are we thinking Smash Bros and Pokken Tournament?

Well then, here were are! What do you think of the Nintendo Switch so far? Impressed? Was revealing it this way a good idea? Stay tuned for more information on the launch date, the price and more Nintendo will throw at us.

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