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Things the Nintendo Switch Can’t & Shouldn’t Do


Nintendo recently unveiled their latest machine, the Switch. In the teaser trailer, some of the few features of the console were showcased.

The new trailer posted by Nintendo last week shows the new Switch and how it can be used. The hybrid console appears to focus a lot on portability, where the player can instantly switch from couch gaming to an on-the-go option. The transition is seemless.

Unfortunately, not all the features have been explored; some of them remain a mystery. Below is a list of the things I believe that the Nintendo can’t and/or shouldn’t do:


Heat Up Your Coffee & Keep You Warm During Winter


Coffee Heater by EMBER

It was confirmed that NVIDIA will be working alongside Nintendo to provide the machine with proper processing power. A Tegra X (1 or 2) is suspected to be responsible for taking on that job. Those processors are known to require less cooling then previous models. Less cooling means that the device will have less chances of overheating. If the design is done right and tests are done, the Switch should have a good enough ventilation system. With less heat escaping from the cooling system, you can kiss your chances of using the console to heat your cold fingers goodbye!


Cool Off Your Dictator Overlord Boss & Friends

Leaf Fan

Tired of being a slave to your bossy Overlord? Well, that’s too bad! The Nintendo Switch’s portable screen appears to be anywhere between 7 and 8.5 inches in size at the most. Meanwhile, those huge leaves used to provide your boss with continuous streams of wind should be about 20+ inches. You can try to cool them off with the console, but I doubt your stamina will last long enough.


Tell Your Loved One They Took Weight


Today’s society is divided into two categories: physically active and couch/bed potato. I for one am part of the bed potato group – I do get up once a while for food, work and gaming. Like most physically inactive people around, we tend to take some weight (we can’t deny it).

With the Switch coming out, it is important to mention from the get go that it won’t be able to help you tell your loved one that they have gained weight. Why so? Well, simply put, the Switch doesn’t have any camera on it.


Hold Your Shisha While You Play


The Switch will have a few accessories; we can’t deny that. Cases, stands…we don’t know what for sure, but we do know that the trailer shows one used in a vehicle. The support demonstrated that was attaches to the seat’s headrest can have a ton of other utility. If you are a shisha (hooka) smoker, you know that one of the struggles of smoking this exotic tobacco requires you to use one of your hands to hold the hose. Well, if you use the headrest support (or whatever they end up calling it), you will be able to play your favorite games while smoking your favorite shisha. A good application for a bad cause!


Order A X-Large Double Cheese With Mushroom Pizza


Although the previous ones are can’t and shouldn’t, this one is probably a maybe! Based off past consoles and handhelds shipped by Nintendo, the devices allow user to connect on the Internet and browse websites. If, and only if Nintendo keeps that tradition, the Nintendo Switch should offer services such as an Internet browsing platform, Netflix, YouTube and more.

The information has yet to be confirmed, but I believe that with the Switch (and hangout via, you can order your favorite pie from a Pizza delivery service.


The Nintendo Switch has the potential to do so much. If there are any other applications you believe that the Nintendo Switch shouldn’t do, share them with us in the comment section below.

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