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I Licked a Nintendo Switch Cartridge & I Regretted It

The Nintendo Switch is out and there is somethings about the game cartridges that you must know about, they taste really bad.

Safety for Nintendo is always a critical matter and when it comes to developing a new product, they must always think about the youth. Are there parts too small? How can we prevent child-related issues as much as possible? Although the Nintendo Switch’s target audience are young adults and older, the company developed a pretty sneaky security feature on the smallest part of the Switch, the game cartridges.

Of course, being the free spirit I am, I accepted the challenged handed to me, “Lick my Breath of the Wild game”, asked my brother when he suddenly showed me his game. I heard the rumors about it tasting horrible, but regardless, I was up to it. I slowly picked up the game and licked it. The effect wasn’t instant, but I didn’t know that – I licked it again, and again, and again, and again…five times in total. Now the taste began to manifest itself.

The taste was indeed very bad. I understand now how a child would spit it out after inserting a cartridge in their mouth. At first, it tasted like licking a bar of soap…but quickly turned worst. After but a few seconds, it began to feel as though I openly sprayed a mix of insecticide and perfume right in my mouth. Drinking water helped a little, but after a few minutes, the taste was gone.

Would I do it again?

Honestly, now that I know how it tastes like, I don’t think I will find myself ready to do this experiment again any time soon. Of course, if there is something in it for me, we can discuss it, but for the fun of it, I don’t think so.

As someone who has done the experiment, I would recommend parents out there to give it a try (but only lick it once). It is important in my opinion to know exactly what your child can go through given the occasion that they do indeed end up putting one of your Nintendo Switch games in their mouth.

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