A Video Game Convention Fit For The Entire Family

The Video Game industry in Montreal is booming and every day, it grows larger. To celebrate this fantastic universe, Montreal hosts events such as MIGS (Montreal International Game Summit), Dreamhack, and now MEGA.

This weekend was the very first iteration of MEGA, also known as the Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade. It took place in the Old Port, in a lovely venue called Bonsecours Market. There, tons of indie video game developers, communities and more joined hands to create a memorable event suited for the entire family.

On Saturday the 18th, it was jam-packed! It is unfortunate, but the direction was forced to refuse people. The second day was also quite crowded, which lead us to the conclusion that the imminent success ensured a growth for next year’s iteration.

Jay, Martov

Jay from Martov Co. Talking about Creating Characters in Virtual Reality!

“MEGA is not only the gaming expo we need but as the biggest video game city in the world, it’s the gaming expo Montreal deserves,” says Osama Dorias, co-founder of the Montreal Independent Games Festival (MIGF), senior game designer at Warner Brothers Montreal and coordinator of the Video Game Programs at Dawson College.

“We are very happy to have been a part of MEGA this year and we can only see it growing bigger going forward! MEGA has the potential to be for Montreal what PAX is for other cities. It’s about time.”

Being open to the public, video game enthusiasts of all ages were present. We got to meet both the youth of Montreal, as well as parent to have their opinion on the event. The feedback was overwhelming!

“It’s a really cool place to be, there are games everywhere,” said James, 12 years old.

Many of the exhibitors have express how content they were when I got to meet them. The opportunity to showcase their game to the public, and at the same time get free feedback was invaluable for many of them. At the same time, the fans could vote for their favorite title, which gave the winner a spotlight and an official Peoples Choice Award sanctioned by the MIGF.

Below are the results of this weekend’s MIGF:

  • Music Composition: The Messenger
  • Gameplay Design: The Messenger
  • Sound Design: Outlast II
  • Mobile / Tablet: Somos
  • Social Impact: Wall Mounted Level
  • Innovation: Wall Mounted Level
  • Narrative Design: Primus Vita
  • Art Direction: Bootleg Systems
  • Best in Show: The Inner Friend
  • Public Favorite: King of the Hat
mega 2017 - imgmr - cosplay

Awesome cosplay of The Distractor, a “special” Bard


A Potential for Growth!

The event’s success made it quite clear that Montreal is ready to have its own massive open-to-public scale video game event. While MIGS currently holds grounds, it focuses on a more business to business model. MEGA has the potential to be a bigger public event – I even believe that both MIGS and MEGA should work together to bring the ultimate gaming event suited for both the consumers and the industry.

Looking at the attendance, the numbers will certainly attract bigger companies, especially the locals ones, such as Ubisoft, EA, and Warner to name a few. This potential could put Montreal on the map in the future as the home of one of the biggest video game events in the world.


At the time being, we do not have word regarding when or where the next iteration of MEGA will take place. However, we do encourage you to keep an eye out for any upcoming details.


Slimzz is a DJ & Gamer by night, IMGMR's Senior Editor and PR by day. He loves to break the meta in his own way, and discover new and engaging games.

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