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MIGS 2016: Behind the Scenes with Red Se3d

This year, MIGS was quite a show; there were tons of indie developers showing off their latest projects. One of them, Red Se3d, caught my eye with their title, Land of Traps.

Compared to past years, MIGS has decided to put a lot more focus on Indies this year around. The idea is to promote new talent and give them an opportunity to find the partners and investments they need to complete their game. Speaking with José Farias from Red Se3d, we learned a little more about what MIGS brings to Indie developers. First, let’s learn a little more about their game, Land of Traps.

***Please note that the game has gone through some updates since this trailer***

“Land of Traps is a competitive arcade 3D platformer, where you have to complete the level as fast as you can by collecting a seed and bringing to the finish zone by avoiding all the traps and enemies on your way.

In each level, there will be a leaderboard showing the best scores of the players and to be on the top of those leaderboard, only the time matters. That’s why the player will need to complete the levels as fast as he can to compete amongst other players. Land of Traps will have many challenges to be completed in each map and there will be secrets all along the game. It will both feature competition and exploring to give a unique experience to the players.”

Although Land of Traps shares similarities between classic games from franchises such as Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog, it is different in its own way.

“What makes Land of Traps unique to those is that the game is focus on speed and competition. The fact that there will be a leaderboard at the end of each map is to invite the players to make better times to compete among other players.

Also, it will be a very challenging game. It will start easy so the player can get used to the game, but it will be more and more difficult as the player progresses. We want people to feel satisfied when they complete a level after having a hard time. Land of Traps will be both a very competitive game focus on the speed and, a challenging game.”

Independent developers often face hardships like not having enough funds, or spending too little time on their project due to school, work and family. However, there is also another problematic.

“First, the financing can be tough to get in the beginning because with no games released, it can be really risky for those who gives the money.

After that, it’s hard to have a lot of visibility with the first game because nobody knows you and if no great YouTubers play your game, it can be hard to get out of the shadow.”

This is when MIGS steps in. Being a business to business event, opportunities are handed out almost on silver platters. If you have something interesting to show, then you might have great chances finding what you were missing.

“MIGS helped us a lot in both the game and the business aspect. In fact, we receive a lot of interesting feedbacks from players and professionals who proposed us some good ideas to improve the game. Some of those people came to us asking for an intern and/or for a job and that always help to build a team.

Also, the most important thing about this event was the business part. We never had the chance to go to an event like GDC, Pax or GameConnection so we never saw many publishers and so many actors of the video game industry in the world. At MIGS, we created good relationship with others studios from Quebec and others countries where we exchanged good tips and knowledge. Also, we met colleagues from our native country, Chile, who were here to present their game here in Montreal and they were accompanied by VGChile (the association of video games developers in Chile). This gave the chance to speak business and to create new opportunities for expanding and to have great visibility in our native country.”

Stay tuned as we share more information about the next MIGS event!

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