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Pokemon GO : Do And Don’t While Catching ‘Em All

Those are just a list of all the things you should do and should NEVER do while playing Pokemon Go. Well, not ALL the things, because that would be like a three hundred page text… But like the top ”don’t” and the top ”do”. You know the drill, let’s start! (who would read a 300 page post, we are not Homestuck).


DO go outside while playing and explore new areas! I’ve discovered that my part of town has two public pools, a cool little bar, a skate park and an awesome cycle lane that goes directly to the Metro.

DON’T stay inside. There are only Rattata in your house anyway, and you don’t want to be the Rattata king, even if you train them to be Top percentage.


DON’T play the game while having a conversation with someone who don’t care for the game. You see all the hate on the web? It’s because of people like that. I feel like it’s a no brainer, but even as a player myself, I’ve had a friend playing while we were talking and it took every parcel of my being not to break his phone.

DO play with other people who play the game. Go on hunts with friends or even dates if you can! I have taken more walks with my girlfriend this month than the whole year. Gotta hatch those eggs!


DO take bike rides. It’s an efficient way to hatch eggs faster (like in the real game!) and it counts as training!

DON’T drive and GO. First of all, it’s HIGHLY ILLEGAL and very dangerous. No amount of Magikarp are worth a ticket, or even worse, two tickets (accidents are bad too yo).


DO talk to people playing the game, even strangers. You don’t know, you might make new friends!

DON’T talk to strange people not playing the game.


DON’T rage after a bad throw. The game is still ”random” when talking about catching rates. A green circle doesn’t mean a 100% catch rate. Even at low CP. Even for a weedle.

DO practice curved and ”nice” throw on CP 10 Weedle. 10 extra xp goes a long way.

DO save your lucky eggs for mass evolution sessions. Today I was at the beginning of level 15 and I have about 35 evolution I could do. I’m now level 17.

DON’T use lucky eggs when the servers are always coming offline. Ok that one is unpredictable but ya know…it happens to the best of us (RIP me two weeks ago)


DON’T use your stardust on stage one Pokemon. Actually don’t use your stardust on weak Pokemon. Actually just don’t use your stardust. Hoard it until someone finds out when to use it. Someone did? Ok, well…

DO use your stardust like all the guides tell you to do. Like do research. I’m sure someone from IMGMR found out how it works best!


It looks tasty

DO be proud of your team, but respect the other teams.

Except team Instinct, and team Mystic


Picking a team? DON’T choose anything else than team VALOR

DON’T be mad at me)


DON’T proclaim that you have found a legendary Pokemon once.

If you DO that, people DO have the right to hurt you (or at least beat your Pokemon in battle when the feature releases)


DON’T be mad that Gyarados takes 400 Magikarp candies. Just get lucky and get one in an egg.



When you are with friends or around other players, DO call out when you find a new/rare Pokemon. Those are the best moments I had with friends recently. Finding a Magneton with my friend and asking how I should call it is a memory I’ll have all my life. ”HowTheyWork” is the best name by the way.

But DON’T ask your girlfriend to name them. Chouichoui is a bad name for a Pidgeot.


Chouichoui in all it’s glory

DO share. Every information you find on the game is good to share. Your fellow Pokemon GO Trainers will love you more and might also share secrets or things you don’t know. This game still have LOADS of secrets to uncover, so by all means, let’s all help each other. What are you waiting! DO share this text with your PokeFriends. DON’T be shy.

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