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XboxE3 2017 – A Special IMGMR Coverage

Microsoft is back once again to give us a first look on Xbox’s future. Of course, all eyes are on the upcoming Project Scorpio. Microsoft presents it XboxE3 2017 conference.

This year, Microsoft takes a different timing for their E3 Conference. Usually done on Monday mornings to kick off everything, Xbox is now holding its event on the Sunday this time around. With this in mind, there is going to be more information on the illusive Project Scorpio that we have been hearing about. Of course, no doubt there will be many new games revealed.


XboxE3 – Timings, Games & Live Stream

Where: Galen Center

When: Monday 12th of June 2017 starting at 2:00PM local time (5:00PM EST)

XboxE3 - La conférence E3 2017 de Xbox / Microsoft

The Games Expected: Until now, the Xbox team has remained pretty silent about the games that it will be revealing this year. However, here are the titles that we expect will make an appearance:

  • Project Scorpio (Doi)
  • Mixer
  • Crackdown 3
  • Phantom Dust Remake
  • Prochain titre Tomb Raider
  • Some Xbox 360 titles to be playable on Xbox One
  • Call of Duty: WW2
  • Forza Motorsport 7
  • New IPs from Microsoft Studios

This year, Microsoft reiterates its Xbox FanFest. Xbox FanFest 2017 allows fans to try out and participate in all the fun of the Xbox E3 Conference. This allows them to try out the new games in a closed event.

Where to Watch: The conference will be live streamed on the official Xbox channels on Twitch and YouTube. Of course, We will be putting up the stream right here for you to watch as well!

XboxE3 – Live Announcements

As time goes by, you will come to see all the latest headlines updated on this article.

XboxE3 News

  • It all starts  with the newest member in the Xbox console: Xbox One X. It will be releasing on November 7th worldwide. The console will have True 4K resolution. The game will be rendered in better HDMI 1080p output on the new console. The console sports the most advanced processor to ever power a console. There si even going to have liquid cooling inside. The machine, in terms of size, is the smallest console ever while still retaining all this power.
  • Next up is the world premiere of Forza 7. To talk about the game, Dan Greenawalt, the creative producer of the series. In partnership with Porsche, Microsoft also had the honor to unveil their brand model: The 911 GT 2RS. Realism is pushed to the limit with dynamic environments. The game will release on both Xbox One and Windows 10 on October 3rd 2017.
  • Introducing the world premiere of the new Metro Exodus. In this game, you can now go outside as you wish. A quick gameplay trailer was shown and we saw unique creatures. The trailer ends with the boarding of a train.
  • Next on the menu is Assassin’s Creed Origins. We go back to the beginning of the brotherhood in Ancient Egypt. This is the adventure of a new hero named Bayek. A gameplay footage showing Bayek visiting his home town of Siwa. He is on a quest to hunt the false prophet. This time around, weapons, equipment and Bayek himself have stats and can be leveled up. He also has new moves and combat maneuvers unique to him. Assassin’s Creed Origins will release on October 7th 2017.
  • Playerunknown’s Battleground has been confirmed release later this year on Xbox One exclusively.
  • As a Launch Exclusive, Deep Rock Galactic has been unveiled.
  • Exclusively on Windows and Xbox One, State of Decay 2 has just been revealed. The game will release in Spring 2018.
  • As a Launch Exclusive, The Darwin Project was announced and a quick gameplay footage was showcased. The game will take a competitive PvP focus.
  • Minecraft takes the stage with its latest update where it will include Cross Play with all its living platforms. If you are Pc, Console, Vr or Mobile, you will be able to enjoy playig with anyone and everyone. A 4K update will be coming this Fall for free. This new graphics pack will also enhance the general visuals and textures of the game, making it look a lot more vibrant!
  • All the big games are available for Pre-Order starting today!
  • Dragon Ball Fighter Z has just been revealed as a 2D fighter.
  • Coming Early 2018, Black Desert has just been revealed and it will release exclusively on Xbox One.
  • Launch exclusive: The Last Night was revealed with a unique trailer showing graphics that is a mixture between sprites and 3D environment.
  • The Artful Escapee was next to be revealed as a unique rhythm platformer.
  • Code Vein was showcased and revealed. It is coming in 2018.
  • Sea of Thieves is back at E3 this year with an updated build. This build shows a more complete game with the possibility to underwater or find new land. There are weapons and enemies now as well as riddles to solve. The life of a pirate is truly immersive as there are treasures to be found. The game will release early 2018.
  • As the next World Premiere, a new furry friend greets us in brand new game called Super Lucky’s Tale. This is a 3D platformer releasing on November 7th 2017.
  • Cuphead returns this year with a release date: September 29th 2017.
  • As a World Premiere, Crackdown 3 has taken the stage with a brand new extended gameplay trailer. It will release on November 7th 2017.
  • World Premiere Launch Exclusive: Ashen was revealed
  • Next World Premiere is Life is Strange 2:  Before the Storm. This prequel will be split in 3 episodes.
  • World Premiere for Windows and Xbox One: Ori and the Will of the Wisps comes in as a sequel to Ori and the Black Forest.
  • The Backwards Compatibility program is growing to add the original games from the first Xbox console.
  • The Xbox One X will be sold at 499$ USD on November 7th 2017.
  • Finally, we get to learn more on Anthem, which was revealed yesterday at the EA Play conference. The game looks impressive and amazingly detailed. Players wear exosuits called Javelin. They can be outfittted and customized as the player wishes. It is coming in 2018.
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