Potara Android 18 & 17 Fusion

Dragon Ball Super: Android 17 & Android 18 – Is a Potara Fusion Possible?

Whis suggests otherwise, but we all want to see it!

Now that the Potara has been approved by Grand Priest, Supreme Kai proposed a fusion of Android 17 & Android 18!

In the previous episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Kale and Caulifla have been fighting Goku. All three fighters have been getting stronger and after witnessing firsthand the power of Goku Super Saiyan Blue, Kale and Caulifla decide to use their trump card, the Potara earrings. The fusion, Kefla, takes on Goku and even pushes him to go all the way to Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken x20. Zen-Oh was quite impressed by the fusion.

After the approval of the use of the Potara by Grand Priest, Supreme Kai proposes that Universe 7 uses the Potara to have Android 17 and Android 18 fuse. Beerus adds that the use of the Potara would make a lot of sense in this case given that both fighters are twins and therefore extremely compatible. However, Whis shuts down the idea, claiming that fusing two fighters also means risking losing two at the same time.


Android 17 & Android 18 – Why a fusion makes sense!

In addition to Beerus confirming the compatibility of Android 17 and Android 18, there is another important point as too why a fusion between these two fighters is logical. Throughout Dragon Ball Super, there has been a lot of fan service. For example, the introduction of female Super Saiyans, a Broly-like character, and even bringing Pilaf back into the story.

Super 17 Fusion

Super 17

One of the things that have been highly requested from fans is Super 17, a fusion made from Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17 that appears only in Dragon Ball GT. I am aware that a lot of fans despise GT, and so do I. However, if there is something that came out of GT that I and many other fans would love to see become canon, it would be Super 17.

In all honesty, it would be practically impossible – well more like very difficult –  for Super 17 to exist given the current events and direction Dragon Ball Super is headed. However, the next best thing would be a fusion of 17 and 18. If that would happen, fans would enjoy that a lot. Let us hope that they don’t really call themselves Android 35!


If not Android 17 & 18, who else?

Dragon Ball Super is in the middle of a critical tournament. Now that the Potara fusion has been accepted, Universe 7 is exploring the possibility of using them. The first idea suggests Android 17 and 18 fusing together. Is there any other possibility? At the time being, there are three explorable options, but only one other logical one. First, Piccolo and Gohan. In my opinion, this one wouldn’t work due to the fact that their origins are far from similar. The gap in power is, in my opinion, also a factor indicating why they can’t fuse together.

Option two, Gohan and Goku, also wouldn’t make sense because of the current gap in power. However, there is a little detail I would like to mention. During their training, Gohan has supposedly reached a new level of power. If that puts him anywhere near that of Goku’s, then a fusion might be possible. Who knows, they might even go for the fusion using the dance instead of the Potara.

Fusion Gogeta

Gogeta Super Saiyan

Option three involved the classic Goku and Vegeta. It is highly possible that Vegito makes a return during the Tournament of Power. However, it would be a lot more interesting to finally see Gogeta, the fusion of Goku and Vegeta using the dance. Seeing either Vegito or Gogeta would be a miracle considering Vegeta’s temper. However, if Universe 7 finds themselves in such a position, a fusion between the two might be possible – they have done it against Zamasu, so why not do it again?


Fusion in Dragon Ball has always been interesting – you get two see two amazing characters become one and turn into an exponentially more powerful fighter. Out of the possible options, which fusion do you hope to see?


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