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Is Zamasu’s Plan To Fool Zeno, The King of All?

Dragon Ball Super is on fire right now and questions are popping up everywhere. Who is Black? How is he and Zamasu related? What are Zamasu’s plans?

Caution, spoiler ahead!

Dragon Ball Super introduced a lot of new elements that develop on the original lore. Now, we know more about the relationship between Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais, who is the ruler of all, how time travel is possible, etc.

When Goku Black was introduced to the series, questions about his origins were all over the Internet. Later on, Zamasu was revealed and a link between the two became obvious. Even characters like Whis and Beerus acknowledged the link between the two entities.

Black Super Saiyan Rose

In Episode 56, not only do we see Vegeta and Goku fighting Black in their Super Saiyan Blue form, but we also witness Black becoming stronger. As a matter of a fact, the enemy reaches a new level he dubbed Super Saiyan Rose. While this form emits a dark purple aura, Black appears to use it. In an instance, Black transforms his aura into a spirit blade similar to that of Vegeto, and runs it through Vegeta’s body.

Afterwards, Goku steps in and right when he gets kicked down to the floor, Black goes for a finishing Kamehameha… Zamasu interferes!

Decending from the sky from a bright and golden aura, Zamasu enters the battlefield and stands next to Black. They are definitely allies. He reminds Black that Goku is his pray.

What are Zamasu’s true plans? What is he trying to achieve?

In earlier episodes, he talks to Gowasu about justice and how gods should interfere. Gowasu reminds him that as a Kaio, and future Kaioshin, his job is to overlook and create a balance, not destroy. Zamasu appears to be searching for power, that is obvious.


In my opinion, Zamasu is aware of the relationship Goku has with Zeno, the King of All. This information isn’t really a secret and could have been provided to him via many means, especially using his observatory senses. It is also possible that Gowasu gave him that information somehow.

Regardless, as a god in search of power, Zamasu’s goal is technically to become stronger. It was made obvious to him that he couldn’t challenge Goku during his first encounter in Universe 10. Not only does he want to become stronger, but he persona indicates that he has the ambition to rule over the entire universes.

Given that Goku befriended Zeno, it is possible that Zamasu used Goku’s body for two reasons:

  • Goku is capable of reaching incredible power levels.
  • Zeno’s only friend is Goku. Zamasu plans on getting closer to the King of All using Black as a bait.


If Zamasu was to get closer to Zeno using Black, his goal would be to take him out and become the ultimate ruler of the universes. That would provide him with more power and an overwhelming influence. With Black at his side, he would be virtually untouchable.

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