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How is Zamasu Related to Black? What is Super Saiyan Rose?

In the 55th Episode of Dragon Ball Super, the previews for next week’s show introduced a new Super Saiyan form, Super Saiyan Rose.

In the Dragon Ball universe, Saiyans have been notorious for being able to become stronger beings. A good example is how both Vegeta and Goku can power-up and achieve forms unlike any other. From Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan 3 (achieved only by Goku and Gotenks), the warrior race pushed the limit to whole new levels.


Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan / Super Saiyan Blue

In Dragon Ball Super, the series introduces the idea of Super Saiyan God at an early stage. Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, or Super Saiyan Blue followed up. During an intergalactic encounter, our hero was even able to push the limit by using Kaioken while in Blue form.

Super Saiyan Blue is considered by most, including Whis and Beerus, to be a form worthy of Gods. (Beerus doesn’t like the idea that Goku can, in a way, measure up to him, but whatever…) In the latest episodes, Goku Black and Zamasu were introduced. Although both appear to be the same person, there are reasons to believe that they are not. (One of my theory claims that Zamasu travelled back in time to use Goku’s body as a fusion vessel.)


Super Saiyan Rose

Goku Black Super Saiyan Rose Pre

In Episode 55, during the previews, Goku Black was shown in a new form called Super Saiyan Rose. His hair is bright pink and glowing, his aura is dark, and his energy glows in the same matter as that of Super Saiyan Blue, but with a twilight purple taint instead. Just how powerful has Black become?

In the same preview, we see Vegeta in his Blue form fighting Black with all of his might. The new form only appears later, which makes us believe that something happened after fighting with Vegeta (or during).

Here are some important facts to take note of:

  • While in Blue form, Vegeta fights Black. Black appears to smile the entire time, as if he knew that the Prince of Saiyans would be unable to defeat him.
  • Black’s new Super Saiyan Rose aura has a dark-pink exterior with a bright twilight purple inner glow. The hair is light-pink with a bright glow and his eyebrows are pink.
  • While in Super Saiyan Rose form, Black appears to wear a single green Kaioshin potara. This indicates that he hasn’t fused with an outside source to achieve the form.
  • The dark-pink glow is almost a perfect contrast color to the light-blue Super Saiyan Blue emits.
  • Goku Black seemingly ‘absorbed’ Goku’s attack during their first encounter.
  • While serving tea to Gamasu, Zamasu’s look changes and at the same time, the light-pink color of the sakura tree becomes dark-pink, a similar shade to that of Black’s aura.


In the previews, SSB Vegeta fights with Black. It is most likely that Vegeta attacked him with a blast that Black absorbed. Could this have triggered Black’s transformation?


How is Zamasu Related to Black?


In Episode 55, Zamasu gets a lot of airtime. This was a good time to analyse him and see exactly what is up with that character. During his time travel experience with Kaioshin Gamasu, Zamasu got over-excited over the humanoid creatures they were looking after and sliced one of them in half. Was it accidental? Absolutely not! The look on his face was too serious for him not to know what he was doing. However, something else happened!

After his cruel act, Zamasu turned around and appeared to be possessed for a second, before returning to his usual reserved state. Could this mean that Zamasu’s hate for humans was so strong that it took the best of him?

I believe that his ‘possesses’ side is what took over Goku’s sick body in the future. The potara was probably stolen from Gamasu and given to Goku Black in order to allow him to use the Time Ring. Due to time travel limitations, Black probably got stuck in the Future Trunks time. Naturally, Zamasu will have to travel to the future as well.

This is when Zamasu probably used his influence to allow Black to tap into the Rose power – I like to call it the ‘anti-god mode’ or ‘negative mode’.

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