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Zamasu Defeated? What’s Next for Dragon Ball Super…

In the latest Dragon Ball Super episode, supposedly immortal Zamasu was defeated by Future Trunks.

In an unlikely turn of events, which I anticipated, Goku proposes to fuse with Vegeta using the Potara earrings. Vegeto reborn, the fight against Zamasu appears to be one-sided. Unfortunately, the fusion requires a lot more power than what the Potara could handle and they were forced to un-fuse. At that moment, Trunks steps in and honors his Saiyan blood by reaching an almost Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form. Although it wasn’t reached, he was powerful enough to gather the energy from all living things on Earth and focus it to cut Zamasu in half.

Now that Zamasu was defeated, what is next for the Z fighters and Dragon Ball Super? Here are somethings that I believe will happen in the next upcoming episodes, or in the long run.

Dragon Ball Super Goku SSB


Intergalactic Fighting Tournament!

Before the events with Zamasu, Goku and Vegeta were implicated in a tournament between Universe 6 & 7. As it turns out, Zen-Oh (a.k.a. the King of All) authorized an intergalactic tournament. This is an event that I believe will take place. As a matter of a fact, I say that it will be the next thing in the agenda. There, I am confident that they will meet a brand-new threat to the universes.

In every tournament, a new challenger is introduced, one that pushes the fighters to new levels. In the last mini tournament between Universe 6 & 7, Goku and Vegeta both used their Super Saiyan Blue forms. However, Goku pushed himself slightly further, mixing in the Kaio-Ken technique.

In this next one, I trust that either Vegeta or Goku will reach a new level. Maybe not a new Super Saiyan level, but I am confident that we will see some sort of different taint color in the hair.


A New Super Saiyan Blue?

In one of my earlier analysis, I suggest that everyone involved in the initial Super Saiyan God Ritual (Goku, Goten, Trunks, Vegeta, Pan, Gohan) has the potential to become Super Saiyan Blue. This is, in my opinion, how Vegeta could achieve this form. Having had contact with that God aura and being the smartest fighter of the gang, Vegeta probably learned how to tap into that power and unleash it.

That said, I am expecting the kids, Trunks and Goten, to either turn Blue on their own or through their fusion. Next will be Gohan – I suspect that he will gain the will to fight once again – and finally, Pan will turn once she gets a little older.


Realms, Time and Parallel Universes!

Zamasu and Black’s arc introduced the element of Time and “multiverse” to the Dragon Ball lore. Well, not introduced, but more like explored! I believe that there will be a lot more threats from the past, future and alternate timelines. How they will be introduced… I have no clue, but I am confident to see those elements explored further in the show’s future.

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