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Slimzz’s List: Anime You Must Watch (Part 1)

In my free time, I love to game, it comes to no surprise for someone implicated in the gaming industry to share this hobby. However, that is not all that I enjoy doing; I am also an Otaku, and I have to admit, I really love my anime.

When it comes down to listing the best anime, it isn’t really an easy task; there are many criteria that change from one viewer to another. What we can all agree on, however, is the list of “to watch”. For my part, I enjoy almost every genre out there – bonus points for comedy. That being said, I will share with you a list of my favorite anime, the ones I really want all of you to watch at least once. You might have seen them already, but I hope to mention some that will invite you to check them out.


Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball Super

goku super saiyan god blue

Goku Reaches Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball for me is my youth – I grew up watching Goku become a Super Saiyan, die a couple of times, save the planet…he has done so much. Dragon Ball is an action anime first, but has quite a story and lore attached to it. Although Dragon Ball doesn’t really develop much on that, DBZ and Super really explore the lore and develops it. Dragon Ball Super does a better job doing that – we are at a point when time and space are explained, two elements that created quite a fuzz with fans. Now is the time to do some catching up if you are far behind.

Dragon Ball Z is known for having Goku power-up during a couple of episodes, so if you want to avoid the original version when they show that, you can head over and check out Dragon Ball Kai – it is basically a compressed version of Dragon Ball Z. Thankfully, Dragon Ball Super’s events happen quickly.


Death Note

black ryuk

Ryuk Enjoys Seeing Light With the Death Note

In a world where everyone has a death timer, the Shinigami oversee the events on Earth and carry a special notebook. Being bored, one Shinigami, Ryuk, decided to drop his into the human world, where Light, our hero, picks it up. At that point, he realized that he can decide who lives and who dies simply by writing someone’s name in the Death Note.

The show puts a lot of focus on Light, who is the bringer of justice – he decided to kill the rotten and create a new world. However, the detective L is on the case and after Light. The show is basically a mental chess game between Light and L. However discovers ones identity first will be left for dead!


Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars)

souma knife

Souma Getting Ready to Cook

If you enjoy eating gorgeous food like I do, and share a love for cooking, Food Wars is definitely a must watch anime. It features a young cook apprentice that wishes to please his father by making dishes as good as his. After helping out in the local dinner, Yukihira Souma decides to head over to an elite cooking school, where he will hone his skills and learn new techniques.

The anime does feature a little bit of fan service, but doesn’t push things too far on that aspect. As for the food in question, the recipes they produce look lifelike and really inspired you to discover the beauty of cooking. There are many funny scenes, so get ready to hold your ribs!


Hajime no Ippo

ippo punch

Ippo Throws a Punch

I am not a sports fans, especially not when it comes to boxing. Although it is the main sport explored in depth in Hajime no Ippo, the way it is presented doesn’t feel like watching any boxing match – it caters to a completely different audience thanks to its serious and hysterical storytelling.

Hajime no Ippo follows the steps of Ippo, a young boxing apprentice and Takamura Mamoru, a champion-to-be boxer that saves Ippo from bullies. At that moment, Ippo decides to learn the art of boxing in order to protect himself, but in the end, he ends up falling in love with the sport and the competitive scene. Him and Takamura aim for much more than being local champions in their weight class!


Death Parade

decim bar

Decim Greeting Behind His Bar

Unlike Death Note, which features Shinigami and a book of death, Death Parade takes you to a place – a bar – where the dead go to be “judged”. See it as a purgatory if you please. There, Decim is in charge of couples that make their way into his bar. He makes them play a game and in the end, each contestant is given a direction. Heaven…or hell!

Death Parade is a very psychological anime that quickly gets you attached to certain characters. As each episode go, you find yourself also taking part in the judging – is this person going up or down? The result might shock you – what if you were in Decim’s place? Would you have taken the same decision?


The five anime above is just a brief list of the shows I have watched in the past and have enjoyed. Of course, there are many others. Make sure you keep an eye out for more Slimzz Picks!

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Slimzz is a DJ & Gamer by night, IMGMR's Senior Editor and PR by day. He loves to break the meta in his own way, and discover new and engaging games.

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