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Original artwork by artist Sa-Dui
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Exclusive IMGMR Interview with Lynx Art Collection

Wondering on the Internet, I love to find myself lost and discovering new things. Whether they are interesting discussion topics, controversial posts, or even awesome fan arts, I enjoy looking up on what the mind of others can come up with. Thanks to a Reddit post – unfortunately I lost the link – I was able to discover an amazing artwork of one of my all-time favorite Pokémon, Gengar.

The poster itself, entitled “Gastly Evolution”, showcased from bottom to top, Gastly and his evolutions, Haunter and Gengar, using bright shades of color while retaining the wicked theme unharmed. I instantly feel in love with the picture, which pushed me to visit the website where it came from. After looking over at Lynx Art’s work, I felt the need to share with you this discovery; I had to reach out to them.

Gastly Evolution

Gastly Evolution Poster

Speaking with Frank McKeever, the owner of Lynx Art Collection – his wife Nikki McKeever and him both own the company – I was able to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes.

Who are the artists behind Lynx Art? Can anyone join the Lynx Art team?

We are a team of artists that collaborate together to bring unique ideas to the art community,” said McKeever. “We refrain from listing our names on works unless these works are created and brought to Lynx for showcase by outside artists. The reason for this is to make it more about LYNX and the art rather than about ourselves.

We started by only releasing artwork created by us. However, as we continued to grow, we wanted to extend an opportunity to new artists to sell on our website. We do not recruit, in a sense, but if an artist would like to sell on our website, they’re welcome to e-mail us: [email protected].”

We are very selective with what artists we choose to work with. The submitted art will go through a 2-stage review process where we’ll judge not only style but also creativity and uniqueness.  Should we have interest in proceeding, the submitter can expect to hear from us within 1-2 weeks.


Speaking to McKeever about the Gastly Evolution poster that I found particularly interesting – it is my favorite piece of the collection – I wanted to find out more about the brand. On many occasions, I have come across organizations such as schools that don’t allow their students to have full credit for the work they have done. However, Lynx Art keeps it fair.

Items produced by Lynx Art are owned by Lynx Art,” explained McKeever. “If the item is not owned by Lynx Art, the item’s description will mention the artist’s name. For arts not produced by Lynx but are offered through our channel by other artists, we have reached agreements with those artists to bring their art to our community.


Of course, I took the opportunity to ask whether or not he would have any advice for new artists trying to make something out of themselves; trying to get their names known.

Don’t be afraid to try something new if you’re first venture fails. Throw something at the wall and if it doesn’t stick, try something else. It may take you ten or twenty times of trying different things but eventually, one of those things will stick. If you make an art piece that doesn’t seem to get noticed or do well, try again. Still nothing? Give it another shot.  Keep trying, always.”


Lynx Art Collection currently features tons of amazing artworks from various categories, such as Video Game, Movies, TV Series, Landmarks and Location, and many more. Check it out, might might find something interesting and encouraging. For more information, feel free to visit their official website here.

**Featured Image original artwork by artist Sa-Dui

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