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Dragon Ball Super: Who is Goku Black (Revisited)

In my first Goku Black analyze, I tackle appearance, pointing out that he shares traits with the Kaioshin, wears a single greenish earring, and has the stance of a God. Additionally, I mention that both Goku and Black don’t know each other; even Future Trunks was surprised to see Goku alive when going back to the past.

Following the release of Episode 50 of Dragon Ball Super, some new information surfaced and I was able to seek new elements to analyze. In my older post, I referred to Demigra as being a source of all of this evil. However, after thinking it through, I believe that most of my theory was wrong – there are others working in the shadows: Towa and Mira

Mira towa

How is Mira connected to Super?

Mira was created by Towa – he makes his first appearance in Dragon Ball Online, both were designed by Akira Toriyama. As an ultimate artificial being, Mira’s aim is to become the strongest individual in the universe. To achieve his goal, he plans on stealing DNA from other strong fighters in order to become unstoppable. In theory, he already fused with Frieza’s DNA and lore wise, he seeks that of Goku’s.

In an episode where Trunk explains the events that took place in the Future following his return to his time, at the end of Cell’s Saga, he claims to have defeated both and prevented Buu from resurfacing. In Mira’s lore, he becomes the new Demon King following Dabura’s death. The fact that Future Trunk mentioned this specific event must mean that it has a certain link to what is going on, otherwise it wouldn’t be featured. It is important to mention that Mira, in addition to being tied with the Demon Realm, he also works alongside the Time Breakers.

The Time Ring that Black uses clearly has a similar logo to that of the Time Breakers – I touch that issue in the first analyze. That being said, Mira & Towa being the mastermind behind the events going on – them being the antagonists – is not impossible.


Who is Black?

Black, as we have seen in the past episodes, as well as the new one, is capable of performing some of Goku’s trademark attacks, but in dark version. Also, at one point, he appears to shoot an energy ball using the same hand motion as Vegeta. What does all of this mean?

Let’s not forget that in the future, Goku dies from a heart disease – Trunk unveils that information back in Dragon Ball Z, again during the Cell Saga. It is very possible that during Goku’s demise, in the future, Mira could have taken advantage of the hero’s weakness to steal his DNA. Being strong and smart, Mira and Towa are more than capable to creating other androids to do their deeds.

In my opinion, Black is actually an android vessel used by Mira to collect information and power. Before the fight, Black says “I also wanted to fight you in this body”. This implies that Black has another body as well, defending the idea of him being a vessel. Another instance when Black demonstrates that he is an android is when Goku sends tons of Ki Blasts towards him. After the smoke clears out, Black seems to inspect his own Ki and says “Amazing! So this is the power of Super Saiyan Son Goku!”. This not only implies that Black is capable of absorbing power, but also means that Black, or the entity controlling him, has only heard about Super Saiyan Goku – he never witnessed it firsthand.

Finally, during his fight with Future Trunk, Black attacks with Black Kamehameha, an attack that can also be performed by Mira.


The Ring of Time

The Ring of Time definitely is a questionable little artifact. Where does it come from? The ring bares the logo of the Time Breakers, but in my opinion, the item was crafted either by transforming a powerful Kaioshin into the ring, or it was made by Mira or Towa.


If you have any theory to share, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Who do you think Black is?

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