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[UPDATED] Dragon Ball Super: The Origins of Black Goku

If you follow Dragon Ball Super, you might have seen that Future Trunks faced an evil Goku, which was referred to as Black (or Black Goku). Unlike Goku, this fighter has a different aura, looks slightly different, and has abilities the Goku we know isn’t capable of performing.

After doing some research and collecting data from fellow analysts, I was able to formulate my opinion as to when and where Black comes from. Is he a Saiyan? Is he related to Goku? How powerful is he? All of those questions will be tackled and answered.

I have updated a few important elements from my theory following the release of the 49th episode of Dragon Ball Super.

A First Look On Black

When we first encounter Black, in the anime’s introduction video, we see a Goku-like person wearing completely different attires, with a distinctive stance. In the picture below, we see three different stances: one with a hand behind his back, another shooting a Kamehameha-like energy ball, and another with his back facing the camera.


The first picture suggests that Black is a God – the hand behind his back is a trait similar to Whis, Beerus, Omni-King, and other Gods. They are the only ones adopting this stance, which again, suggests that he is a being above all.

His clothe is very much different from what Goku wears, but there are two elements to highlight here: the hair and the earring. Black has extra lines of hair, similar to that of Goku and Turtles. As for the earring, they look like Potara, but the color is off – Black’s are green instead of the usual yellow.

[UPDATE] In the 49th episode of Dragon Ball Super, Future Trunks wakes up and is happy to see Goku “alive”. Additionally, when Black makes his way to the present timeline using the Ring of Time, he says to Goku: “so you are Goku”, as if both of them never met each other. It is also mentioned that Black has destroyed many planets and killed tons of people.

From that information, I can deduce the following:

  • Black is either Goku or Turtles
  • Black is wearing one of two green versions of the Potara earrings
  • Black is a God, or believes to be above all
  • Black and Goku never met, not even in a separate timeline
  • Goku eventually dies in the future when Black takes over
  • Goku and Black are not related


The Origins of this Mysterious Fighter

Again, using the same picture where we see three Black in the same frame, we can clearly notice a blue-colored Universe in the back. If you recall in past episodes, when Whis talks about the various Universes and how they are paired, Universe 6 and 7 were blue, while the others had different colors pairing them (light blue, green, red, etc). This tells us that Black comes from either Universe 6 or 7.

In my opinion, Black comes from Universe 6 – there are a few hints that I can use as a defence for this statement. First and foremost, the earring that Black wears is green. In the Dragon Ball lore, those known to wear these earrings are the Kaioshin – they usually have yellow ones. However, when we first meet the Kaioshin from Universe 6, a detail that struck me was that they wore green earrings. Based from that, I can say that Black might be from Universe 6, or was created thanks to Universe 6. What I am trying to say is that Black wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the influence from this newly introduced world.


The fact that he is wearing a single earring and not two suggests that Black is not a fusion. Additionally, the Potara he wears look exactly like those of Demigra, a Demon God introduced in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse. Finally, in the latest Dragon Ball Super episode, we see Black using a ring to travel through time. In the entire Dragon Ball lore, the only characters that can manipulate time, and wear Potara-like earrings are Demigra and Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time.

Is it possible that Demigra defeated Chronoa and sealed her into a ring, a feat that Gods can also achieve – Beerus, a God, was able to seal Old Kai in the Z-Sword. Demigra also has the power to corrupt fighters and turn them into Villainous version of themselves. In my opinion, Demigra corrupted Goku or Turtles, gave him the ring, and granted him the freedom to act by his own will by giving him one of the earrings.

[UPDATE] I would like to mention that the Ring of Time Black uses in order to time travel possesses a buckle-like design carved out that strongly resembles the logo of the Time Breakers, an alliance of villains from the Demon Realm commanded by Towa and Mira, and later Dabura.


Time Breakers’ Logo

  • Black comes from Universe 6 or 7
  • Black is not a fusion
  • Black’s powers come from Demon God Demigra
  • Black’s initial power was enhanced by the Villainous Mode
  • Black acts at will thanks to the earring he wears
  • The Ring of Time was provided by the Time Breakers


Of course, there are many other theories riding on the Internet, but I and confident in mine. To break it down, Black is either Goku or Turtles from Universe 6 or 7 that was corrupted by Demigra and given freedom to act as he pleases. His power level was greatly enhanced thanks to the effects of the Villainous Mode and the earring he wears.

If you would like to share your theory, feel free to comment in the section below. I am curious to know what you guys think about Black.

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