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#MIGS15: Rubika To Open A School In Montreal

Since its establishment in 1987 by “la Chambre de Commerce” & “l’Industrie du Grand Hainaut”, Rubika schools have always been distinguished.

Their forte is to put in place a solid and innovative curriculum that will drive students to work on projects with teamwork as a pillar. Thanks to their strict curriculum and effective teaching methods, Supinfocom Rubika, Supinfogame Rubika and ISD Rubika became a world reference in the animation, design and video game industries. The school has already, back in 2008, opened a school in Pune, India, with a starting count of 15 students. Today, this count goes up to 650.

Now that they have solidified their presence in India, and already in France, they plan on attacking North America. On November 17th, during MIGS, Rubika announced that they will set their first foot in North America by opening a school in Montreal starting September 2016.

Is Rubika a good school for you? If you are planning a career in the gaming industry, the answer is yes! Although the curriculum doesn’t come cheap – it cost 45 000 Euro for the complete program – the placement rate is as high as 80%. This means that within three months of graduating, 80% of the graduates will find a job suited for them.

At the time being, details fail to mention the exact location where the school is going to open, but we are expecting it to be somewhere on the West side of Montreal. During the announcement conference, Director Caroline Tisserand added that even if they are only able to fill in the spots for a single class, they will go ahead with the program.

For more information about Rubika, feel free to visit http://worldwide.rubika-edu.com/.

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