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Can You Be My Player 2?

I often wonder what is the perfect game to play with my girlfriend. I guess that I’m not the only one. Is Super Smash too hard? Is Yoshi’s Story too easy? Is Mortal Kombat too gory? Is Pikmin 3 too 1 player-y? Well the time to ponder is over!

Everything is a question of skill level. In this text, I’ll assume one of you (and probably you) is better than your other half. Each ”steps” will be divided in the skill level of your partner but just before I go into deep :


One player or two players? The eternal question

Before we actually begin, that question is kinda the biggest roadblock most of us with lovers will reach. Single player? Multiplayer? Co-Op? Free for all?

Is there a better option? Should we play one after the other? Do we switch when we die?

I’ll just say that my little brother and I were playing a lot of games while we grew up. Sometimes he sat next to me for hours just to see me play. Other times we were playing one after the other and most of the times we played together on co-op games. That aspect is more up to you. I can’t really answer what’s best since I don’t think there is a clear answer.

Ok with that out of way, let’s start with skill levels and what games you should play with them!


Skill level : What side do I hold this controller?

Let’s start with the most common : your flame have never really had an interest in video games. he/she can name one Pokémon, Pikachu, He/she can name one character in Pokken tournament, Pikachu and he/she can name one person in Street Fighter, Big Green Pikachu.

Game to play together : Anything that you can just ignore their mistakes. Nintendo got that right when they added the ”bubble” mechanic in New Super Mario Wii and In Yoshi’s Wolly world. If they die, just keep going, no frustration. They can also just play by themselves sometimes to ”practice”. Some call it practice but I prefer saying : You can die multiple time at the same place for an hour without feeling the shame.

Any fighting games could be also good since most of them have an easy combo to learn with most characters to make the game playable to beginners. And kicking forever looks for from their perspective.

Racing games are also a good choice because most of kart based ones have some kind of rubber band mechanics to prevent them from being ALWAYS last. Just don’t rage when he/she’ll get three blue shell in a row.


That mechanic saved many friendships

Skill level : I know the difference between Zelda and Link

At that skill level I’ll assume that they know most games a little. At that skill level most plateformers are totally ok! They’ll even sometimes kick your ass on fighting games and racing games, it’s time to raise the bar!

It’s time for action RPGs! Yep, at that time they will have a certain eye/hand reflexes that you need for hack and slash games. All the basic were mostly covered in Plateformers like don’t stand in bad stuff (spikes, fire, green goo, oh my!). Action RPGs are often deconstructed to dodge, wait for the weakness point to show up and then attack.

Gaming is kinda like a big code. If I tell you : ”you are in a room with nothing but a locked door. above the door there is a big red eye and the only thing you have is a slingshot” you all know what to do. That’s easy you’ll say! Well…not everyone know those kind of signal that the game is giving. Beginners won’t get that. But with some training, and patience (like a lot), you can teach those ”clues” to your lovely one. And if they can’t, consider buying them new glasses (HIT THE BIG YELLOW EYE WITH YOUR BOW! YOU JUST USED IT FOR THE WHOLE DUNGEON!)


Action puzzle games are also really good since they will now be able to decipher that code by themselves. The legend of Zelda easily come to mind (hence the example with the BIG YELLOW EYE! COME ON! IT LOOKS LIKE THE PERFECT TARGET!)

Hack and slash plateformers like Castle Crashers or Top down like Diablo 3 would be good choices because there is a good learning curve within the game.


Skill level : As 1337 as you are

That one is tricky. At that level I guess that either he/she was playing video games before he/she met you. My best advice would be share what you like and they will share what they like and at the end of the day, both of you will learn new things. Or at least you’ll learn to hate the same things.


Skill level : Better than you </3

Man, I don’t know what to say…

Actually I know…show him/her this text. They will use it as a guide to learn what games to play with you.

As for you… don’t take it as an insult. Learn with them! Any time with your boyfriend/girlfriend is quality time! Live Love Learn (can’t believe I used that in an article for real)


Bonus : When is it ok for RPGs?

Now? Tomorrow? Never? It really depends. Some people will never like those games. Some came to gaming for those games. Just try it and see if it stick.


What about MMORPGs?

I don’t know man…do you need a healer?

Healer healing a rogue

Relationship goals

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