The Game Awards 2017

The Game Awards 2017: What You Have Missed

Every year, at around the same time of December, the gaming industry and fans brace themselves for the biggest video game award ceremony, The Game Awards 2017.

Hosted by Geoff Keighley, a Canadian video game journalist and the executive producer of The Game Awards, the show brings together the best titles of the year in a series of categories. This time around, a total of 52 industry experts were chosen as representatives to select the winners in each category.

The show usually barrages us with World Premiere trailers, exciting music performances and of course, celebrates the best games of the year. There were many great moments – and some bad ones – but only a few were as memorable and intense.



The Master Sword

During the introduction to the new Breath of the Wild: The Champions Ballad trailer announcement, the curtain lifted, revealing a person pulling up the Master Sword. As the light dispersed the shadows, it revealed non-other than the director of the game, Eiji Aonuma! As would Link, Aonuma-san picked up the legendary blade and swung it around a couple of times. A magical moment that made us feel like kids again!


Hideo Kojima Had a Front Row Seat for His New Trailer

This year, Hideo Kojima came to The Game Awards 2017 with a brand-new Death Stranding trailer. Just like how weird and mysterious the two first were, this one is as mind-blowing. However, it does reveal a lot more about the game and the setting than the first ones.

To be frank, the second I saw Kojima-san was present at the show, I knew that it was a matter of time before we learned something new about his game. It is, as Geoff Keighley puts it, the biggest trailer that has ever been played at The Game Awards so sit back, and enjoy.


Bloodborne, Tenchu, or a new IP?

The timer on the top of the screen is getting closer to 0:00; there is 1:00 minute left. Our host, Keighley, announces that a World Premiere is about to be shown. At that moment, I am like “but dude, the show starts in just one minute”. Well, the trailer only lasts a few seconds, but those few seconds were enough to create hundreds of comments on various forums about what we just saw.

While many claim that it could be a new Bloodborne game, some suggest that it might be a comeback for the Tenchu series. We don’t know what it is all about, but we do know that there will be blood!


EA Looking Good…

EA has been the target of many shots thrown out by players and fans over the past few days. During the game awards, we would have expected the company to be on its best behavior. However, as it turns out, there are two amazing moments when EA was mentioned…for the worst.

The first, and probably the most striking, is when Josef Fares, director of EA’s co-op action game A Way Out just exploded on screen. His unfiltered speech and questionable manners on the screen put everyone, but himself, uneasy. Even Geoff Keighley tried his best to cut him off early, but Fares just ended up stealing massive screen time for absolutely no reason.

The second time was more of an “wow” moment, and a lot less intense than Fares’ misguided speech. While presenting the Best Action Game, Zachery Levi took the ballad, and before opening it, stated that he had to “pay a microtransaction” to unlock the answer.


A Decent Show

The video game awards ceremony was interesting. Although I despised the movie plugs and awkward product placements – namely the Rocket League “commercials”, the rest was decent and worth watching. A lot of the World Premiere titles were interesting. I was just unhappy that for the Most Anticipated Game award, Cyberpunk wasn’t mentioned.


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