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E3 2018: Fallout 76

Vault 76, last one out!

The guys at Bethesda always have the best surprises. We already knew that Fallout 76 was gonna be different then the rest of the franchise; the break in the naming convention was a big clue, but no one could have predicted what they had in store for us.

Fallout is going full co-op mode! Of course, you will be able to play solo but if we trust what was said during the press event, it’s going to be way easier to survive with a group of friends. The game will be always online so it’s going to be easy to connect with your group, but there will be also competition in the same map as you. The technology already exists in other game such as MMORPGs and is called sharding but since Fallout 76 is not technically an MMO, it’s surely a first. It was said that you won’t be facing (or teaming up) with EVERYBODY from the community at the same time but there should be dozens of other players in the same ”world” as you. A good thing is that there won’t be any servers to log into as the game will do it seamlessly with dedicated servers. Since it’s all new tech let’s just hope they don’t cause a meltdown and create a mini Fallout environment of their own.

Talking about the world it is going to be the biggest map yet; four times bigger then Fallout 4 and is going to be a beautiful world too as they were able to tune up the graphics to show 16 times more details on the player models and environments. There is new tech available for rendering the details easily even with a bunch of other players on-screen.

As for the story, it will take place before all the other games in the series as Vault 76 is the first to open its gate in the year 2076, 300 years after the creation of the United States. Your character is one of the first people to go to the outside world after the celebration that seems to have ended in the early hours, as you are the last person to leave the vault. Outside stands the beautiful landscape of West Virginia and its less attractive wildlife, now mutated by the fallout. They even said that they did research on the folklore of the state to bring its mythical creatures to life. You will be able to build settlements and even compete against other people for the scarce resources of the world around you. New to Fallout 76 will be the addition of nuclear warfare; you can take control of nuclear missiles to destroy your enemy’s bases and it seems that the nuclear explosions will bring new monsters to that location with powerful loot and rare resources.

If you can’t wait for Fallout 76, you have two choices; Fallout Shelters got ported to the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4, so you can play today! Also you could sign up for the B.E.T.A. (that stands for Break it Early Test Application) to get in before your friends.

The collector edition seems awesome with a map that “f**king glows in the dark” (the words of Todd Howard, not mine), DnD style figurines and a Power Armor helmet that change your voice when you wear it!

Stay tuned for more details as E3 goes by, we might get more details about the game.

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