New Batman Game In Development

New Batman Game In Development

07 Dec 2013
by Salim category XBOX ONE - XBOX ONE News edited 07 Dec 2013
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It comes to no surprise to learn that eventually, the Batman series will add a new title to its long-lasting franchise. After speaking with a source connected within Warner Bros. Interactive, we learned that the developers responsible for Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are currently working on a new project. From what we've heard, the next game of the series will be called Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman: Arkham Knight, like Arkham City will feature an open world map. However, players will be able to gain a little more freedom than what was given to them in Arkham City. In addition, the artistic style is set to resemble those of Arkham City.

As far as it goes in terms of villains and storyline, you will have to be patient since we do not possess any more details than the ones mentioned above. However, what we can say is that our source tells us that if the development goes well, we might be looking at a release scheduled for the Holiday season of 2014, on Xbox One and PS4.

More details coming soon!