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The Road to NX: Where We Are And Where We’re Going

Another year passes by and a brand new one has only just begun. 2016 is already heavy on gaming and our wallets are going to have to keep up...

CES 2016: Everything That Was Announced

This year around, the Consumer Electronics Show, also referred to as CES, features quite a large amount of great new tech to show off.


Every year, over 100 video games are released. From AAA to Indie, these games all qualify for the ultimate award of GAME OF THE YEAR!

#MIGS15: Rubika To Open A School In Montreal

Since its establishment in 1987 by “la Chambre de Commerce” & “l’Industrie du Grand Hainaut”, Rubika schoo...

#MIGS15: The “Must-Attend” Video Game Conference on the East Coast

While the name might not ring any bells to consumers, the Montreal International Game Summit is a meeting place for the gaming industry.

Wii U News

GTA V Most Tweeted Game In 2015

If you are active on Twitter, you might have noticed that this year, there were quite a few games being talked about by the community.

More Details On Twilight Princess HD, Incoming Soon

Beautiful high-definition graphics aren’t the only things new in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.

Celebrate Pokemon Day With Freebies

This year a big one for Pokemon fans all over the world; it is the franchise’s 20th anniversary and The Pokemon Company wants to celeb...

Nintendo Wants a Big Start Clientele With Launch of My Nintendo

My Nintendo is the new replacement rewards program set to replace the late Club Nintendo, They also want it to be very busy on launch.

Nintendo May Be Reconsidering Their Quality of Life Product

Nintendo may not be continuing their new quality of life product for a few reasons. Still, everyone is wondering what is it?

Nintendo is Checking Out Virtual Reality?

Indeed, you read right that Nintendo is looking into virtual reality despite their original opinion on it. What are their thoughts on this?

Word on Nintendo’s Second Mobile Game Surfaces

Well, we finally get some word on the next mobile game Nintendo is cooking up. Honestly, we were kind of disappointed by the first.

IMGMR TCG Launches!

Welcome all card players your calling has been heard!

EA Doing Things A Little Different This E3

E3 is a few months away, but for developers and publishers, now is the time to start thinking about what they want to do this year.

Multi-Year Exclusive Agreement Confirmed Between 2K & WWE

Today, game developer and publisher 2K and WWE officially signed a multi-year exclusive agreement for worldwide development and publishing.

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